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Instagram Rebranding IGTV as “Instagram video”

Have you heard the news? According to Instagram, this will make it even easier to create and discover videos. Let...

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Clubhouse’s September app icon Leah Lamar

Leah Lamar is a stand-up comedian, her real name is Leah Goldman, and was born June 14, 1988, in Queens,...

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Linkedin Acquires Trial Video App Jumprose As It Expands Its Creator Tools

Linkedin has found that the video app Jumprope is a place to raise awareness of its video and is committed...

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New Updates in Youtube Includes Dark Mode for Youtube Studio, Hashtag Autocomplete Suggestions

YouTube is the biggest video streaming platform and it is also regarded as a platform that always comes up with...

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8 YouTube Analytics Tool For 2021

It seems like creating videos for YouTube channels is much easier, Yeah it's true. But uploading videos doesn't make our...

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YouTube Live TV A New Journey Begins For A Extraordinary Experience

YouTube TV is now introducing a 4K experience from your home, especially for sports lovers. Since 2017 when it was...

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Clubhouse Application Introduces New Icon: Justin Meezy Williams

Voice-based social media application clubhouse got a new app icon, and his name is JUSTIN MEZZY WILLIAMS.  The company officially...

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What is Digital Brand Management

Your digital brand is how your customers experience you in an online environment. Digital Brand Management is how you take...

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Telegram brings us their latest video updates!

As of 30th July, Telegram has come with major updates to its video capabilities that will make you love the...

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An Important Update Considering More Security Features From July 2021

  Youtube has brought a major change from  23 July 2021, all the unlisted videos will be switched to private....

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