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Instagram introduces a new feature; ‘add stickers’ to your story.

 Hey, guys here is an” Add sticker” for your Instagram story! Users can start fun conversations with followers and other Instagram users in their stories through these stickers.

How can we start this fun? Let’s follow these steps…

  1. Upload a photo or video in your stories, tap the stickers icon at the top of the screen(you can see many stickers in it.)  
  2. 2. Tap the “Add yours” sticker.

  1. Type a prompt for your sticker like show your favorite travel picture, favorite beach, favorite dress, show your pet, show me your best friends, etc.

You can see a  dice at the bottom of your screen and tap the dice for a random prompt. 


  1. Finally, you reach the end tap “Done” in the top corner of the screen. You can rotate, resize and drag the ‘add your sticker’.

Add sticker enables collaboration and a way to discover more people to follow. If you click on the sticker in someone’s story, you can see everyone who has taken part in the same prompt and view their stories.

Next thing is that Instagram stickers encourage you to watch your stories to participate in Q&A, charity donations, countdowns, quizzes, and polls, etc.

Instagram allows adding music, their location, the weather, and other tags in stories.


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