Cloud and Cybersecurity

The need for skilled professionals in the field of cybersecurity has never been greater as Cyber threats and attacks have become more sophisticated, frequent, and damaging, posing significant risks to individuals, organizations, and even nations. Hence, cybersecurity professionals play a crucial role in safeguarding sensitive information, preventing data breaches, and mitigating cyber threats. They are the frontline defenders who protect computer systems, networks, and digital infrastructure from unauthorized access, malicious activities, and potential damage.

By employing a combination of technical knowledge, analytical skills, and proactive strategies, cybersecurity experts ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of digital assets. This learning track has unbeatable career prospects and will also be a great foundation for those who would like to foray into DevSecOps, an area that is surging in the practice of DevOps.

In  this learning track, you will begin by learning technologies like Linux, Automation, Cloud, Containers, Kubernetes, Openshift, and Python and progress to Professional Penetration Testing and vulnerability assessment skills by building lab networks to practice network and application enumeration, vulnerability scanning, exploitation, privilege escalation, and lateral movement skills.

The Cloud Module will prepare you for global certification exams like RHCSA and RHCE. The Professional Penetration Tester (PENT) training is an intermediate to advanced cyber security course to equip students to learn professional penetration testing and vulnerability assessment skills by building lab networks to practice network and application enumeration, vulnerability scanning, exploitation, privilege escalation, and lateral movement skills. The course will suit both working professionals and beginners who want to upskill themselves in these trending technologies.

On completion of this course, the learner will master the concepts below:

  • Administration and Automation of Linux Platform
  • Container orchestration with Kubernetes
  • AWS / Azure cloud platforms and applications
  • Python Programming
  • DevOps methodology practices and principles
  • Identify, detect, and exploit any vulnerability in the target applications, networks, infrastructure, and cloud security
  • Using Chat GPT and AI to optimize these tasks

This course can help you build your career Penetration Testers, Security Engineers, Security Researchers, Bug hunter, Information Security Engineers, System Administrator, and also prepare you for jobs in Automation, Cloud and DevOps.

Learning Modules

  • Enterprise Linux Administration
  • Linux Automation Using Ansible
  • OpenShift - Containers and Kubernetes
  • Cloud - AWS / Azure
  • Git and Python
  • Introduction to additional DevOps tools: Jenkins and Terraform
  • Penetration Testing Training


On completion of this course, the learner will get the PENT Certification from IPSR and can attempt the following Global Certification exams:

  • Red Hat Certified System Administrator
  • Red Hat Certified Engineer

Date Course Location Batch No
02/05/2024Cloud Cyber SecurityOnline training67
13/05/2024Cloud Cyber SecurityOnline training68
28/05/2024Cloud Cyber SecurityOnline training69

No Exam Results Available

Course Features

  • Duration - 180 hours

  • Training delivered by Industry Experts

  • Modes of Training Available - Online Instructor Led Training

  • Practical real-world scenarios, enterprise grade attack & defense labs

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