Date Course Location Batch No
28/06/2021 DO280 Online training 58
24/06/2021 DO180 Online training 34
23/06/2021 RHCE- RHEL8 Online training 1527
01/07/2021 RHCE- RHEL8 Kochi 1528
05/07/2021 RHCE- RHEL8 Kozhikode 1529
05/07/2021 RHCE- RHEL8 Kottayam 1530

Placement of the day

Saran K G

RHCE Active Lobby SNM Institute of Management & Technology


RHCE Active Lobby Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan College Of Engineering

Adharsh P Sunil

RHCE Crozaint Technologies Cochin College Of Engineering & Technology

Chandini M S

RHCE Crozaint Technologies Jyothi Engineering College

Amal Dev S

RHCE Infosys Adishankara Institute of Engineering & Technology

Arun B

RHCSA Techbrein Solutions Pvt Ltd Satyam College of Engineering And Technology

Jithin K

RHCE Dinoct Solutions Vedavyasa Institute of Technology

Sanjay Sivadas

RHCE Dinoct Solutions Vijnan Institute of Science and Technology

Athira T S

PYTHON Innovature Labs Mar Baselios Institute of Technology and Science Nellimattom

Ashlin george Mathew

RHCE Wiztelsys Server Technologies Amal Jyothi College of Engineering




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News and Events

  • Clubhouse discussion on the Latest IT Job Openings and Career Trends

    Hosting Clubhouse discussion on the Latest IT Job Openings and Career Trends this Thursday 10th June @ 06:00 pm IST. Through this wonderful session, you will have the opportunity to interact with National and International experts of various trending IT sectors. Know the details of the latest Job vacancies in IT / ITeS Understand the […]

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  • Red Hat Academy Webinar – St. Thomas Arts & Science College, Puthencruz

    This webinar is being organised by Computer Science Association and IQAC of St. Thomas Arts & Science College, Puthencruz, Ernakulam in association with ipsr solutions limited.

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  • Faculty‌ ‌Development‌ ‌Program‌ ‌on‌ ‌Outcome‌ ‌Based‌ ‌Education‌

    St. Agnes College (Autonomous), Mangaluru, in association with ipsr solutions limited,  is conducting a Faculty Development Program (FDP) on Outcome Based Education (OBE). Spread across five days, the FDP sessions will be delivered through live webinars and hands-on activities through Learning Management Portal (LMS)   FDP Outcomes On completion of this FDP, the faculty members […]

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  • Webinar: Unlock your Career through Cloud & Containers

    Attend this free webinar from IPSR to understand the basics of Cloud computing (Public Cloud, Private Cloud & Hybrid Cloud), Containers and the career prospects of Cloud & Containers.

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  • National Webinar on ‘Accreditation and Placement benefits by establishing RHA in HEIs’

    Attend this webinar to know how Red Hat Academy partnership can benefit Higher Educational Institutions to gain accreditation points (NAAC, NBA etc.) and how RHA training and certification can benefit the career growth of students.

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