Posted on February 25, 2017

jQuery is a JavaScript library and AngularJS is a JavaScript framework. Technically comparing the JavaScript library with a JavaScript framework isn’t appropriate at all. We will be mistaken a library as extensive and powerful as jQuery as a framework. After all, jQuery has been helping developers manipulate the DOM (document object model) with JavaScript since 2006. It wasn’t […]

Selected Java Interview Questions Part – 1

Posted on November 14, 2016

1) What is constructor? Constructor is just like a method that is used to initialize the state of an object. It is invoked at the time of object creation. eg: class Student4{ int id; String name; Student4(int i,String n){ id = i; name = n; } void display(){System.out.println(id+” “+name);} public static void main(String args[]){ Student4 s1 = new Student4(111,”Karan”); Student4 s2 = new Student4(222,”Aryan”); s1.display(); s2.display(); } } Output: 111 Karan 222 Aryan 2) What is Inheritance? Inheritance […]