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Instagram stories draft are accessible to all users

Instagram story is a feature on Instagram where people can share moments from their everyday life. Instagram stories have the...

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Facebook provides new explainer on how its News Feed algorithm works

Have you ever wondered how Facebook manages to show relevant content on your News Feed every single time? Well, here...

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Instagram Ads ‘Drops’ Feature… a New Path to Social Commerce

  Being stuck at homemade online platforms is more attractive not just by entertainment but by online shopping. Out of...

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Twitter offered 30 Seconds for 3$ !!

USA-based big social media platform - Twitter has introduced a new feature for their users. Twitter has introduced changes for...

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Know About Verification Process For your IG Business Account

Have you noticed the blue checker that appears alongside the brand name?  You may have come across a brand with...

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On Instagram And Facebook, Giving People More Control

Instagram has been experimenting with ‘hiding like counts’ since April, as social media users may have noticed. On May 26,...

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Zuckerberg Lays Out Plans For New Revenue Tool For Instagram

The Facebook team is planning to help Instagram creators earn money for their efforts, by using new branded content and...

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Instagram Tests New ‘Reshare’ Stickers to Better Highlight Feed Posts Re-Shared to Stories

Instagram has been working on a major issue over the past few months that everyone disagrees with this. The real...

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Facebook Adds New Messaging Features On Instagram, Including Chat Themes And Read Receipts

Facebook and  Instagram have the same parental company. So that most of those features on Facebook will gradually be introduced...

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Twitter Introduces Voice Recordings in DMs

 The social media giant has launched a new feature that would help the users of Twitter to send voice recordings...

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