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LinkedIn Offers Users A New Option “Career Break”

Most of the people in this generation today suffer a lot due to workload and we all see tension every...

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Instagram Launches Automated Captions For Feed Videos From March 2022

Instagram has introduced a new feature of auto-generated captions for video on its app from 2 March 2022. Instagram says...

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Instagram stories highlights convert to reels and the longer reels clips

Instagram reels catch up with TikTok Instagram reels play catch up with TikTok. So right now the new trends that...

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Facebook Abandons Facial Recognition, Will No Longer Identify Users to Tag in Uploaded Images

Face recognition is the technology of verifying a subject through an image, video, or any audiovisual element of his or...

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Link Sharing In Instagram Stories : Welcome News For Instagram Users

Instagram has started a link-sharing facility in its stories. Earlier this facility was available only to those who have 10k...

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Instagram introduces a new feature; ‘add stickers’ to your story.

 Hey, guys here is an” Add sticker” for your Instagram story! Users can start fun conversations with followers and other...

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Top Amazing Features- ‘Watch’ Tab, ‘Takes’, ‘Creator Rewards’, and More for Pinterest users on its Creative Festival.

At the second Annual Pinterest Creators Festival, Pinterest has unveiled the new Features, whose global activation begins with Jennifer Lopez,...

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Twitter Opens Up programs for expert Profiles, a brand new choice for Brands and Creators

Twitter is shifting to the next degree with its new professional profiles with the aid of beginning the option up...

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Clubhouse’s September app icon Leah Lamar

Leah Lamar is a stand-up comedian, her real name is Leah Goldman, and was born June 14, 1988, in Queens,...

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Think Instagram Expands Reels to 60 Seconds Are too Good to be True? We have News for You!

The most awaited news for the content creators has been revealed. Instagram announced that Reels video length has been expanded...

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