AI Tool development using Python Django

This introductory course aims to provide students with the foundational knowledge and skills to develop a personalized chatbot using Django and integrate it with LLM. Through a combination of theoretical lessons and hands-on projects, students will learn how to create a web-based chatbot application that can interact with users in a personalized manner using natural language processing capabilities provided by LLM.

  • Introduction to Django and LLM
  • Building a Simple Django Web Application
  • Integrating LLM into Django
  • Implementing User Authentication and Profiles
  • Enhancing Chatbot Interactions
  • Deployment

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand Django development principles
  • Understand NLP integration
  • Perform User authentication, and deployment practices
  • Build and deploy sophisticated chatbot application


  • Basic understanding of Python programming language
  • Familiarity with web development concepts (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
  • Basic understanding of Django framework

Date Course Location Batch No
06/05/2024PYTHONOnline training359
15/05/2024PYTHONOnline training360
21/05/2024PYTHONOnline training361

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Course Features

  • Duration -  35 Hours

  • Training Delivered by industry experts

  • Live Task & Assignments

  • Hands-on exercises, Projects & Hackathons

  • Option for 100% Financial Loan with No cost EMI

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