8 Reasons to Join IPSR

Here are 8 top reasons for you to choose IPSR for your Career Enhancement

  • Industry-oriented  Training led by Corporate Trainers and Skilled Professionals with real time experience
  • Dedicated team for Placements which has guided more than 1 lakh candidates to IT / ITeS jobs
  • Recruitment on all days through 1600+ tie-up companies including MNCs like Amazon, Red Hat, Nissan Digital, TCS, UST Global, Wipro, Tech Mahindra, etc.
  • World’s leading Red Hat Training  and Certification Partner with 37 National & International Awards
  • Chat GPT and AI Integration in all courses
  • Received IT Educational Excellence Award from Ex-Defence Minister of India
  • A Public Limited IT Company led by Academicians and Industry Experts
  • 2 Decades of expertise in Software product development, Training services, Placement services & Digital Marketing services

A Deep Dive into PyeCharts A Python Tool For Data Visualization

In the instance of analytics, data visualization is crucial because it permits users or clients to view large amounts of data and at the same time extract important insights that can drive the business forward. When we look into Pythonic methods, there are several options, such as Matplotlib, Seaborn, and others. Although, there are comparatively […]

Understanding Edge Computing

What is edge computing? Edge computing is computing that takes place at or near the physical location of either the user or the source of the data, which results in lower latency and saves bandwidth. In a cloud computing model, compute resources and services are often centralized at large datacenters, which are accessed by end […]

Best Programming Languages For Web Development

Worldwide, do you know which programming language is more preferred by the developers? It is a critical task to choose a programming language for a web development project. The best choice facilitates rapid project development and supports your development team integrating important features with lesser efforts. Now, we can see the number of different programming […]

Why is Django Web Framework Good for Web Development Companies 2021?

When a web project is going to be started before that it is important to pick out the right language and tools. The massive role played by web libraries and frameworks defines your web application. and it shows attractive features like scalability, performance, speed and user experiences. The look and feel is the main factor […]

LinkedIn enters with new updates(live access and newsletter for creators)

Linkedin came up with an amazing feature for those with creator mode on, and also the addition of LinkedIn live access. The new newsletter option helps you to maintain connections with their audience. Linkedin live access is only available to members and pages who have 150 connections and who meet certain criteria. This is an […]

Red Hat Insights for Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform – Introduction

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform is a framework for building and operating IT automation at scale. The platform includes many of the tools you’ll need to implement automation across your organization, allowing you to simplify and centralize control of your infrastructure. Ansible Automation Platform includes a visual dashboard, role-based access control (RBAC) and automation tools, […]

Step by Step Procedure on How to Become a Local Guide!

Becoming a Google Local Guide is easy. Just go to the Google Local Guide website and Get Started. If you have an existing Google account, then you can link it to that, otherwise, just sign up and you’re on your way. Then all you need to do is leave reviews and ratings and upload images […]

11 Useful Python One-Liners You Must Know

Python One-Liners supports you to perform complex tasks with just one line of Python code. We go through some of the useful ones to know!   Mainly, Python is known for its short and clear syntax. Python is popular due to its simplicity, it’s also known as “executable pseudocode”. Using one-liner codes you can make […]

Link Sharing In Instagram Stories : Welcome News For Instagram Users

Instagram has started a link-sharing facility in its stories. Earlier this facility was available only to those who have 10k followers. Now it is accessible to everyone who wants to optimize his/her Instagram stories. The swipe-up Link on the Instagram story disappeared. A new ink sticker”.replaced with it. This link sharing is a very useful […]