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YouTube Live TV A New Journey Begins For A Extraordinary Experience

YouTube TV is now introducing a 4K experience from your home, especially for sports lovers. Since 2017 when it was launched, they have started working to give an improvised  YouTube TV experience. This time they are introducing a live streaming experience with the 5.1 Dolby sound.

Based on Analytics, Youtube understands that watching sports videos on TV screens is rising, with nearly 65% growth in 2020. So, youtube decided to refresh the sports platform by adding features like sports-related news, statistics, and locally trending content. Youtube is highlighting major sports events for promoting the live streaming experience of sports events.

The use of the 4K plus package is, the user should get a feeling that they are actually present at the event. Youtube is permitting 4K plus subscribers to follow the action in 4K resolution. Other dynamic features are the unlimited number of streams, 5.1 Dolby capabilities for all Youtube TV members through which users have a viewing experience with surround-sound audio. Youtube is focussing on giving the user a theatre-like experience.

Youtube TV was launched on February 28, 2017, the main reason behind Youtube TV is people can watch their favorite videos at any time. Google has reported that nearly 86% of people cut cable out of their lives. A new feature DVR recording is available in the new segment to watch the events later on. Also, the user can catch up on the key moments in live streaming. Another add-on benefit of Youtube is Medal Count for the event participants. Besides, users can search for any sports to their unlimited DVR space.

During the pandemic there were no live events, so users used to revisit the Youtube channel for watching their favorite past events for removing stress and getting relaxed. Now, their favorite sports events are returning with a fresh start. People get an opportunity to run TV campaigns on low budgets because Youtube is providing more tools for marketers.

The availability of 4K plus is based on a monthly payment of 19.99 dollars. For first-time subscribers, there is a 30-days free trial and the last month of the year gets a special offer of 9.99 dollars for the subscribers.


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