8 Reasons to Join IPSR

Here are 8 top reasons for you to choose IPSR for your Career Enhancement

  • Industry-oriented  Training led by Corporate Trainers and Skilled Professionals with real time experience
  • Dedicated team for Placements which has guided more than 1 lakh candidates to IT / ITeS jobs
  • Recruitment on all days through 1600+ tie-up companies including MNCs like Amazon, Red Hat, Nissan Digital, TCS, UST Global, Wipro, Tech Mahindra, etc.
  • World’s leading Red Hat Training  and Certification Partner with 37 National & International Awards
  • Chat GPT and AI Integration in all courses
  • Received IT Educational Excellence Award from Ex-Defence Minister of India
  • A Public Limited IT Company led by Academicians and Industry Experts
  • 2 Decades of expertise in Software product development, Training services, Placement services & Digital Marketing services

10 Most popular programming languages in 2021

The world is becoming a genius in the rapid development of Automation, Artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Computer programming languages are getting updated with new features now and then, so knowing the benefits of multiple languages is always an advantage to build a better career. Every programming language has its characteristics, therefore understanding different programming […]

Clubhouse Application Introduces New Icon: Justin Meezy Williams

Voice-based social media application clubhouse got a new app icon, and his name is JUSTIN MEZZY WILLIAMS.  The company officially informs about the new icon through a tweet. The clubhouse app logo is changed every month. The company uses the headshot. Of the different people as the application icon. The public figures and great personalities […]


Statistics concepts will support you to ace your next Data Science Interview with confidence. Data Science is a  multidisciplinary field of study with a major thrust on Statistics. Several statistical techniques have been used for analyzing and interpreting data, representation of data, and building models for predictive and prescriptive analysis. Some of the most commonly […]

Differences between Python and Java for Machine Learning

The growing disruptive technologies need one or two programming languages to create products and services for the global market of technology especially for machine learning, Data Science, deep learning, and more. Now, both companies and start-ups are recruiting their employees based on technical background with sufficient knowledge of anyone or two programming languages such as […]

Java Expectations Vs Reality

The father of the Java programming language is James Gosling. In the early 1990s, James Gosling and his colleagues were working at Sun Microsystems and during that period they developed Java programming language.Java is not an object-oriented programming language, more than that it is a high-level and class-based programming language. The main advantage of Java […]

Python in the real world

The real-world use cases of Python are limitless. Python is an object-oriented and structured programming language also it is integrated with high-level and general-purpose programming language. Python is used for different purposes, mainly for web development to data science, machine learning, and robotics. World-class companies such as Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, and Netflix are […]

AWS Scenario Based – Questions & Answers

Scenario 1 A colleague from your company’s IT Security team has notified you of an Internet-based threat that affects a certain port and protocol combination. You have conducted an audit of your VPC and found that this port and protocol combination is allowed on an Inbound Rule with a source of You have verified […]

What is Digital Brand Management

Your digital brand is how your customers experience you in an online environment. Digital Brand Management is how you take control of your customer’s experience. It’s a combination of several key elements that determine your digital marketing success. Your effectiveness as a business increasingly relies on how you connect with customers online. Many of us […]

Telegram brings us their latest video updates!

As of 30th July, Telegram has come with major updates to its video capabilities that will make you love the platform even more!   These updates include group video calls for up to 1000 people, High-quality expandable video messaging, videos can now be viewed at 0.5 to 2x speed, and screen sharing with sound for all […]

An Important Update Considering More Security Features From July 2021

  Youtube has brought a major change from  23 July 2021, all the unlisted videos will be switched to private. On 1st January 2017 youtube had brought an update to the system that generates new unlisted links which include security enhancement. How can you check which of your videos are impacted after this update?        To […]