8 Reasons to Join IPSR

Here are 8 top reasons for you to choose IPSR for your Career Enhancement

  • Industry-oriented  Training led by Corporate Trainers and Skilled Professionals with real time experience
  • Dedicated team for Placements which has guided more than 1 lakh candidates to IT / ITeS jobs
  • Recruitment on all days through 1600+ tie-up companies including MNCs like Amazon, Red Hat, Nissan Digital, TCS, UST Global, Wipro, Tech Mahindra, etc.
  • World’s leading Red Hat Training  and Certification Partner with 37 National & International Awards
  • Chat GPT and AI Integration in all courses
  • Received IT Educational Excellence Award from Ex-Defence Minister of India
  • A Public Limited IT Company led by Academicians and Industry Experts
  • 2 Decades of expertise in Software product development, Training services, Placement services & Digital Marketing services

Who is a Software Developer? Concept of Software Development & Full details you should know about the Programmer

Software Development Are you interested in software development? Want to know the details about the development field? Let’s have an idea. What is Software Development? We can think of software development as a form of technological art which involves a lot of imagination & knowledge. According to IBM Research: “Software development refers to a set […]

WHO join hands with Red Hat Open Innovation Labs to create learning platform

Overview The World Health Organization (WHO) is the specialized agency of the United Nations, responsible for international public health. WHO wanted to create a sustainable open source development infrastructure to support the development of a platform for its new training center. Working with Red Hat Open Innovation Labs, WHO developed the Learning Experience Platform (LXP), […]

BP modernizes infrastructure with DevOps

Challenge: Modernize a complex technology infrastructure BP had a complex operational management approach with hundreds of product teams using various delivery models, which affected application development and deployment. To deliver on its dual challenge of meeting the world’s increasing demand for more energy while producing fewer emissions, BP wanted to explore a robust, modern, open […]

Top 100 Dotnet Interview Questions and Answers

1.What is ASP? Active Server Pages (ASP), also known as Classic ASP, is a Microsoft’s server-side technology, which helps in creating dynamic and user-friendly Web pages. It uses different scripting languages to create dynamic Web pages, which can be run on any type of browser. 2.What is ASP.NET? ASP.NET is a specification developed by Microsoft […]

Top Python Interview Questions and Answers

1.What is a lambda function? Give an example of when it’s useful and when it’s not. A lambda function is a small anonymous function, which returns an object.The object returned by lambda is usually assigned to a variable or used as a part of other bigger functions.Instead of the conventional def keyword used for creating […]

23 Websites For Coding Challenge & Competition

One of the best ways to learn how to code is with practice, lots and lots of practice and make coding a habit. So the best way to practice and improve your skills in coding is through coding challenges and competitions In this blog we will look into 20 websites that help you practice programming […]

IPSR has Successfully Organized an Interactive Event in Clubhouse under the Club “IT Jobs Kerala’’

Ever since the pandemic, there has been tremendous scope in the IT sector, resulting in infinite career opportunities. The information technology industry is growing at a faster pace and this industry has the highest contribution to the country’s economic development, which proves the growing demand for IT professionals in various industries. But there are a […]

Focus a Carrer Through Hackathons Towards Your Dream Company

Introduction Dive into the world, scrap your records, start your analysis, build your data science profile, and bloom as a budding Data Scientists. When you start to drive towards your own analysis, data science hackathons become a Jobathon for you to assure career victory. In the current era, data science gets booming as of previous […]

Know About Verification Process For your IG Business Account

Have you noticed the blue checker that appears alongside the brand name?  You may have come across a brand with similar names and took time to identify the actual brand account. It is where the verification badge comes into play.   Verification badge for Instagram, introduced in 2018, represents the authenticity of the brand account, […]

The Must Have OpenShift Training and Certifications from Red Hat

  DO180 : https://www.ipsr.org/rhcs-in-openshift-containers-and-kubernetes.html DO280 : https://www.ipsr.org/rhcs-in-openshift-administration.html   Additional days for these training (VT) will be scheduled if required FREE > Exam + Retake + 90 Days Red Hat Recorded Videos (VC) + 80 Hours Red Hat Cloud Labs