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Top rated career destinations of the world for expats

An initiative was started by HBSC to locate the 5 top job destinations for people who is planning to relocate and develop a career abroad. The Expat explorer survey has collected data from more than 22,000 respondents through an online questionnaire. The focus of the investigation is to explore the country which is best for an expat to settle and to fix a career in terms of earning potential, job security and work-life balance.

The survey projected the European countries Switzerland, Sweden and Germany in the top 3 most appreciable and accepted destination of the people who wishes to relocate and develop a career followed by Russia and Singapore. However, the Middle East countries which were in the top list in the previous survey slipped down from the top 5 pool, the destinations UAE, Bahrain, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia and USA could figure out only 6th to 10th position in the survey ranking.

Interestingly, Most of the preference converges to the European countries like Switzerland, Sweden and Germany in terms of the best all-round career experience and Job satisfaction. The Asian countries are setting an alluring platform in terms of financial prospects to the ambitious expats wishing to make a vertical mobility in the career space.

Zurich and Geneva of Switzerland was voted to be the best place in the world in terms of salary, job satisfaction, security and wonderful living conditions. Sweden was recognized as a wonderful destination in world in maintaining work-life balance. Germany most popularly known as the European land of opportunity for the skilled expats, offers an awesome career experience and a safe country with high quality medical care and relaxed living.


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