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Determination Triumph Excuses

Alluring Win at IPSR
IPSR had a great news to share with on the first of June 2013. Seven RHCVA s at one shot! The 59th to 65th RHCVAs were produced at the same time in the IPSR Global Campus, of which five are foreign nationals. The worlds youngest RHCVA, Bobby Issac also belonged to this batch. The batch was vibrant with Mike Parin from Australia, Islam Gaber, Mohammed Al-Maraghy Nassar and Mohamed Belal hailing from Egypt, Eivind Olsen from Norway and Sinob and Bobby Issac as local trainees. Congrats Winners !!
Cent Percent Success !!!
Eivind Olsen is the 21st RHCDS. His success saga all way from Norway not only gained him the certifications but also 100% result on the RH Exams twice. Eivind cleared EX 318 and EX 423 with cent percent result. And the Queen of Arabia, gifted with monsoon drizzles. He was contented with the training and hospitality at IPSR and is assured to be back for more certifications.
Egyptian blaze illuminates again at IPSR
Mr. Mohammed Al-Maraghy Nassar, Mr. Mohamed Belal Samy Mostafa El-Sayed and Mr. Islam Gaber Abou Al-Ala who works as System Administrators, crowns the title of being the 22nd, 23rd and 24th RHCDS of IPSR. These people travelled long way from Egypt to find the varied learning oriented tourism experience granted by IPSR. The Egyptian leash was previously acknowledged with the credit of gaining RHCVA certification from IPSR itself. The perfect training experiences merged with the warmth of cordiality have granted ecstasy to the trio.
It’s a joyous moment for IPSR and we wish them all the success in future prospects.



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