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RHCA – “the capstone certificate” for Four

ipsr solutions ltd., – Authorized and Certified Red Hat Training Partner since 2003 – who first hosted a Red Hat examination in Kerala, – who bagged the national recognition for conducting maximum number of Red Hat examinations the very next year – who is the first to conduct RHCSS examination in South Asia – who produced the worlds youngest RHCVA and RHCSS – who have trainees from over 50 countries across the globe – who produced the maximum number of RHCE‘s, RHCVA‘s, RHCSSRHCDSRHCA‘s till date – and for all above, bagged 10 International Awards from Red Hat Inc. in the last 10 years – is here.

Today is not to be forgotten, as we produced 4 Red Hat Certified Architects (RHCA) in one go – a remarkable achievement since the launch of RHCA certification in 2005.

This includes an IPSR trainer, who was also tagged Red Hat Certified Datacenter Specialist(RHCDS) last week. And from now, with “the capstone certificate” – Red Hat Certified Architect, he is Mr. Sanju Raj, RHCE, RHCSS, RHCDS, RHCA, Senior Consultant – Linux Technical Services, ipsr solutions ltd.

Mr. Sanju Raj holds a Masters of Computer Applications(MCA), before which a Diploma in Information Technology from National Institute of Information Technology, India. Carrying through, over 5 years of experience in Red Hat streams with extensive knowledge in troubleshooting and upgrade of networks and remote administration with SSH and SNMP, MNA, WAN, VLAN etc., he is proficient in installation and configuration of RHEL 4, RHEL 5, and RHEL 6. Being a Lead Trainer at IPSR, he delivers training adhering to the standards set by Red Hat Inc. for corporate, domestic and international candidates in RHCE and RHCSS. Hugely passionate about Linux and Linux technologies, Sanju is also a voracious reader with an appetite towards newspaper editorials.

On the very last day of September 2013, Red Hat delivered EX 442 – Red Hat Enterprise System Monitoring and Performance Tuning examination at the IPSR International center, Cochin, Kerala. Representing a union of cultures, there were 8 attendees.

Mr. Islam Gaber, Linux System Administrator in Egypt – the land which mesmerizes the world with its cryptic charm. His rocky road to RHCA began in May 2013 with his initial visit to IPSR. He then trained and certified in RHCVA, RHCSS, and RHCDS. To define destiny, he traveled again now, only to return with the coveted certification, that was missed by an inch the last time. Straight after the examinations, he said “Insha Allah, I hope for the best this time”. So, was everyone at IPSR.

Mr. Vijayabalan, Senior Infrastructure Architect – IBM Inc. and Mr. Alambprabhu Kamble, Senior Engineer – Juniper Networks, were stressed and anxious after the examination. They raised hands and said “Fingers crossed”. So did we.

Mr. Sanju would have been checking his emails from the very first minute after examination. “I produced the output, but we never know. It is EX 442.” said Sanju.

By 8 pm IST, the triumph of victory took over the hassle in the air. Five passed the examination to produce 4 RHCA‘s. There you have four RHCA‘s produced on a single day. It happens only at IPSR. And they represent respectively our 10th – 13th RHCA.

We pay complete respect to Mr. Sanju Raj, Mr. Islam Gaber, Mr. VijayaBalan. and Mr. Alamprabhu Kamble. This isn’t their personal glee alone, but for the whole IPSR family too.

After being a Red Hat Certified Architect, Mr. Vijay was overjoyed and he had this to say..

RHCA certification is not just a certification; It is like a journey. Since I am into infrastructure architect stream in IBM code-red team, I was unsure, how achieve the title. However RHCI Mr. Sreejith Anujan (RH401), RHCI Mr. Manu Unni (RH436) & RHCI Mr. Neju Paul (RH442) and Mr. Sanju Raj, IPSR Trainer (RHCSS) – brilliant class trainers removed that fear to help me achieve my career milestone with 100% confidence.

The journey to becoming an RHCA helped me to understand my weaknesses and to strengthen on them. I highly recommend the course to all who wish to participate in base infrastructure deliverable. I am wordless when it comes to appraising the class of trainers from Red Hat. The contents delivered are very useful in my architect design deliverable. Thank you. I am looking forward to the cloud forthcoming training’s at IPSR.

I am only the 5th RHCA of the 14 lakh+ IBM employees. I happily shared this to our IBM architects intranet. Whoever wish to travel along the Red Hat line, I would strongly recommend to attend training at IPSR. On this occasion, I honestly wish to thank the whole IPSR team –

From the very inception, the management and staff went out of their way to promise that my stay in IPSR was pleasant and comfortable in every way. The accommodation facilities suggested by the management were all fit and proper and economical, and they were also particular to inquire at all times whether I was really enjoying my stay in Kochi in all respects. I couldn’t find the time to explore the city in much detail, but the little that I saw left an indelible mark on my mind. Honestly, when I set out on my RHCA journey about 1.5 years back, I had a fair amount of qualms and misgivings as to how it would all turn out, considering the immense finance I would have to spend for undergoing the three RHCA and RHCSS modules, traveling all the way from Chennai.

I will tell you what makes IPSR stands out from the rest. From day 1, whatever the management committed was 100% delivered. It is really amazing from my point of view. I have had disappointing experiences in the past , but I have come back with flying colors with the help of IPSR. I don’t have words to thank your people.

A Special thanks to Mr. Sanju Raj, who delivered RHCSS training at IPSR. The RHCSS training delivered by Mr. Sanju was more than I could ever ask for. I had been fortunate enough to work with an absolutely high-quality trainer on a wide variety of seemingly identical projects – an invaluable lesson in overcoming daily tedium. His training techniques helped me understand how to provide effective solutions, realize my strengths and weaknesses in infrastructure and data center management. You have proven the vast experience and knowledge in Linux that you have acquired from over the years.Thanks Thanks a lot for you.

To me, IPSR is a good place to be, where we can make good friends and work together to achieve our goals. I have several nice moments which I will always cherish.”

Mr. Liju K Jayadevan, Senior Systems Engineer, Fidelity Investments – who was the fifth to pass EX 442 on this day added a few more words..

I would like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to Mr. Sanju Raj. After the RH 442 training, I was vexed and I wasn’t sure how to take advantage of the two days of practice, IPSR promised. Along comes Sanju, spends a couple of hours with us and I get a little more confident. I really appreciate Sanju’s willingness to share, help and collaborate, even when he is in no way, shape or form related to the training that we were part of(since it was delivered by Red Hat).

Sanju is one of the best teachers that I have come across at IPSR. I have noticed that he doesn’t answer queries just for the sake of answering but to make us think and understand the concepts. I have seen IPSR system admins come to him for expert advice to solve many issues. Sanju is not only a great value add to your team but to your organization as a whole.

Special thanks to IPSR for organizing the RH 442 class and ensuring that we got two days practice, without which I am sure we would have failed the examination.

Mr. Gaurav Kumar Gupta, Development Manager at Alcatel-Lucent, who was a participant for the RH 442 training, jotted down this..

“I wish to thank whole IPSR team for immense professional that they exhibits while fulfilling the operational aspect & promises made while registration for Red hat Trainings .This was my first experience at IPSR and I very much liked it . Well Planned and very well executed are the words that defines it.

I would like to thank IPSR management for organizing lab practice on Saturday and Sunday, also to Mr. Sanju Raj for his impressive mental strength for being able to spend some time while practicing for RH 442 even when his own exam was not so good on Saturday. Thank you.”

That been said, we have now a golden feather in our crown – A Trainer who is a Red Hat Certified Architect – to lead the pride of trainers at IPSR!

We wish our new RHCA‘s the very best their way.

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Today is not to be forgotten, as we produced 4 Red Hat Certified Architects (RHCA) in one go - a remarkable achievement since the launch of RHCA certification in 2005.

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