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RHCA – Devops – DO407 in progress at IPSR International centre

“Ansible is simple, Ansible is powerful, Ansible is robust, Ansible is easy to learn”

Does this sound to be a very familiar dialogue? In fact, it is not just an ironically added statement in the lines of a recent blockbuster movie, but it is the truth behind “Ansible”  the IT automation platform. RHCA – DevOps – DO407  (Automation with Ansible) will enable the students to learn how to automate system administration tasks on managed hosts with Ansible, learn how to write Ansible playbooks to standardize task execution, centrally managelaybooks and schedule recurring execution through a web interface with Ansible Tower. Students will also learn to manage encryption for Ansible with Ansible Vault, deploy Ansible Tower and use it to manage systems, and use Ansible in a DevOps environment with Vagrant.

IPSR international centre has recently conducted a batch DO407 – Automation with Ansible with Mr. Amel Mathai Trainer, Red Hat as the chief instructor. The participants of the batch include high profile professionals from various corporate sectors. The duration of the class was 4 days with one day of practice.

The performance-based Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Ansible Automation exam (EX407) tests the student’s ability to use Ansible to automate the configuration of systems and applications. By passing this exam, the student will earn a Red Hat Certificate of Expertise that also counts towards earning a Red Hat Certified Architect DevOps. This exam is based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.


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