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“Open Door” workshop – opens the door of Cloud Technology

Lush green Hills and misty cool breeze laden with fragrance of cardamom have made Kuttikanam a natural haven. Marian College the queen of Kuttikanam have powered the serene abode of natural living to an hub of advanced learning and a potential platform crisscrossed with a multifarious programs of social outreach and students development.

Recently, the MCA department of Marian college hosted a national level workshop “Open Door” on Cloud the skyrocketing technology in IT. The buzzword of the workshop was to experience Cloud in your figure tips. Interestingly, the key section was led by Mr. Sreejith Anujan, Senior Consultant, RedHat and Mr. Szen John Providence, Corporate Trainer, IPSR solutions. The introductory “meet and greet” section of the workshop was adorned with the presence of Rev Fr Ruban J Thannickal, Manager, Marian College, Rev Dr Roy Abraham P, Principal, Marian College and Dr. Mendus Jacob, Director, MCA Department.

It is worthy to say with a personal pride that the Highlight of the workshop was the demonstration of a private Cloud developed by students of MCA Department, Marian College. It’s often said that all speak of Cloud but only a few know what it really mean but the little masters of MCA Department of Marian College have deployed a Private Cloud in their campus. With this effort of an extra mile, the college on the hill top touched the Cloud sky low, to become the college with the real difference. Here are  few visuals in connection with the workshop.

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