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NEW COURSE Automation with Ansible II: Ansible Tower (DO409)

Last summer, Red Hat Training released it’s first Ansible course, Automation with Ansible: it was the fastest selling new course they had in memory.  In Financial Year 2017, the Ansible course was the third most popular course in Red Hat Learning Subscription, and in Financial Year 2018 Quarter 1, it rose to the second most popular course!

This reflects a desire on the part of our customer base for an automation tool to manage complexity and a need for more and deeper education about Ansible, the preferred tool for many of our customers.

Red Hat Training now offers our customers training in the next level of Ansible usage: Ansible Tower.  Ansible Tower is a tool for controlling, securing, and managing Ansible automation across a variety of use cases and deployment types.  The two-day course, Automation with Ansible II: Ansible Tower (DO409), takes our customers to the next level of enterprise Ansible automation.

Course Content

The course begins with a discussion of the architecture of Ansible Tower; installation; and the creation of users and teams using role-based access control (RBAC).  It then launches into Day 2 lessons on managing projects for provisioning; constructing advanced job workflows; updating inventories dynamically, and performing maintenance and routine administration.

Opportunity in the Market

Ansible Tower offers management and control features critical to enterprise deployments of any size.  This course is the next logical step for all customers who have previously taken Automation with Ansible (DO407); and it offers new customers the second part of a two-part learning path, ensuring that their investment in Red Hat’s Ansible can be utilised fully and successfully.  That is, for all new Ansible customers the two-course sequence should be added to any subscription.

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