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Myth and Realities in IT – Job seekers dilemma a comprehensive portfolio

Information Technology has grown so heavily with massive opportunities in many verticals but career space seems to remain claustrophobic with many odd convictions. The strong mask of challenges like career gaps, back papers, diversified stream grows into a sort of fetter that restrict a person from seeking an opportunity in IT sector. This image could in no way endorsed to be true, especially in the contemporary Job Market. Hence the dilemma: career gaps, back paper etc. brewing in the minds of the Job seekers as an object of contention is not at all a matter of significance.

The Recent IDC report published in Economic Times states that Cloud Computing and Linux platform will generate 15 million jobs by 2015 with India contributing to about 2 millions of it. Regarding the demands of the infrastructure management it is estimated that The IMS industry currently accounts for US$524 billion, nearly a quarter of the US$2.3 trillion overall IT spends and is moving towards a remote delivery model where services are increasingly delivered by vendors from low cost locations. Hopefully this gives a vibrant opportunity to India.

The potentials of information security services and job market continue to expand. In fact, according to a report by Burning Glass Technologies, over the past five years demand for cyber security professionals grew 3.5 times faster than that for other IT jobs. Employment in the occupational group that includes information security analysts is projected to grow 22 percent from 2010 to 2020, faster than the average for all occupations, according to Eric Presley, CTO at CareerBuilder. This will be a huge opening positively in the IT segment.

Recent development in the context of IT, It is an observed fact that the Industry now a day is looking for the trained fresher’s because they are not in a position to train them. Hence the concern regarding the foreseen career gaps, back papers etc. do not stand in any way as a backlog to one who has mended their competencies in a real environment. IT Finishing school at IPSR solutions is solely customized in lines of this reality. Acclaimed Career Mentor, IT Finishing School of IPSR is active in serving the job seekers in the right way and is comfortable with the amazing results it has produced. On pecking out a few instances from the ITFS pass outs of IPSR, we have:

Ms. Remya M, B.Tech (IT) graduate:

2 years of career gap was a great hurdle to her in her job hunt. Aptitude training and Communication Skill Development programs of IT Finishing helped her to get her dream job

Mr. Abin Jose, B.Tech (EC) graduate:

After joining ITFS Programme 6 year of Academic Gap was filled with “Confidence & Success”

Ms. Sarannya Salim, B.Tech (CS) graduate:

Placement orientation programs and Communication Skill Development programs equipped her to overcome the constraint of  2.6 years of career gap

Ms. Nimmy K. Nair, PG

Nimmi K Nair, married and mother of a kid, she had a career gap of 6 years. ITFS programme of IPSR updated her with the latest technologies which helped her to be successful in her career hunt.

Mr. Binoy V.K, Degree

Binoy is a guy who have completed plus two 5 years back. He was working in a local computer shop, after 4 to 5 years of job there, he joined degree in distant education stream. Together with his degree programme he joined IT Finishing School of IPSR for Android. As soon as he completed internship he got placed in EBird Innovations, Trivandrum as Software Engineer,

Ms. Ashly George, B.Tech (EEE)

Ashly George is a graduate in EEE, She was not passionate with Electrical career, but after joining ipsr, she developed passion towards IT career and is now successful in defining her space in IT

Mr. Kevin S Nandu, B.Sc (Hotel Management)

Graduate in Hotel ?Management, He is now a Red Hat Certified Engineer with two job offers? from leading networking companies in Kochi

Ms. Reshma Rajan, B.Tech (EC)

Reshma Rajan was from a non IT background and was not successful in her trade of EC, after joining ITFS she developed a passion towards IT and secured a placement an IT company

Mr. Anu Sankar A.

Frequent interviews at reputed companies helped a lot to improve confidence level. Communication Skill Development program conducted as a part of ITFS programme had really added an additional advantage along with good linux training.

Mr. Vineeth Philip Mathew

Completed RHCE from another institute but failed to get a job, later joined ipsr IT Finishing school and got placed at reputed company in Infopark.

Mr. Renjith R.S.

Renjith R.S realized that 3 months Ipsr IT Finishing school program was valuable than 10 years of Non IT experience.

Mr. Dinil K.C.

His communication skills were very weak. After Joining IPSR through the Communication Skill Development classes and Placement Orientation Programme sessions helped a lot to improve the language skills.

Mr. Jossy Watson, AMIE

Jossy Watson had lots of concerns regarding his qualification and communications skill. Communication Skill Development program at ipsr improved his confidence level and this played a key role in his placement at Spark support.

Ms. Joanna Paul, B.Tech (CS)

She joined IPSR as PHP ITFS student, though she had supplementary papers in her B.Tech CS in 2010. She got placed in Excelone Technologies on completion of ITFS course.

comprehensive portfolio – contd

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