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Microsoft office 2016 with a new cloud based editor to create and collaborate a document from distance.

Technology giant Microsoft – the world’s favorite and most common name in multinational technology with a global acceptance of its products has released the latest version Microsoft office 2016 which offers one of the most sought functionality of taking work out of working together.
Reports show that the newly launched MS Office 2016 has integrated a cloud based editor which enables provisions for multiple persons to edit a file simultaneously. So, what we could foresee is that the MS Office 2016 will be an improved version of the current one, with an exciting option to edit documents online just like what we see in the Google Docs.
Microsoft will be using their own mail system ‘the Microsoft Outlook’ and social messenger ‘Skype’ for this purpose so that the real ambiance of the workspace is created from remote destinations. Moreover, it is a clear depiction of how fast the cloud technology is becoming a throb in the pulse of technology.
However, with a cloud base, the new Microsoft 2016 sets a virtuous platform for wild access, mobility and time saving so that one can access document from a variety of devices, the data saved in cloud can be accessed from anywhere in the world and also it allows multiple person to edit document simultaneously.
Hopefully, this new bee will give you an ample space for your files to move with you, get connected from anywhere from any device and in no time.

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