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Mantra of success in IT

India is a land swamped with immense opportunities in IT. Unfortunately, the most embarrassing fact is that there is a meagreness of sufficient competence among college pass-outs. One of the recent national study conducted in India on the employability of qualified professionals were thwarting. The study reveals that only 4.77 percent of the candidate can write the correct logic and is fit for programming jobs.

The statistical figures of the study from a sample of 36000  students of IT related branches from 500 engineering colleges is upsetting. The result of the machine learning based appraisal test of software development skills reveals, 70 percent of them could not even write the codes that compiles. Further 90% of them are lagging in the latest technical knowledge and key talents essential for the industry.

This gulf in the employability of qualified professionals is attributed to rote learning based approach and poor academic curriculum. The programming skills and competence of students in tier III colleges is rated to be five times poorer in comparison with tier I colleges. This gross unsuitability of the budding professionals for tech jobs is a hard reality which we cannot be ignored.

IT is a platform that paves way to tremendous career possibilities. The efficiency and creative output of the professionals in the job is one essential criterion which decides the professional growth. This field is so dynamic that one cannot survive without periodical updating in technology. One recent news form Wipro has read that the company sacks 600 employees on post performance appraisal. Mastering the latest technology and streamlining of the key talents is the mantra that decides suitability in IT eco system.

However, this situation cannot be subdued or changed in a drastic pace. It would be a personal responsibility of any student and professional to hook eyes on trends and developments. If viewed optimistically this would turn out to be opportunity for a newbies in IT with passion to succeed. Positively a keen observation and preparation in the following five mantras would definitely make one successful in IT eco system.

Technical shrewdness: Deep expertise with technical tools and protocols.

Hands-on Experience: Exposure to live environment and a comprehensive knowledge of every aspects of IT

Lifelong learner: A keen interest in understanding the latest development in the field and related areas.

Organizational IQ: A keen knowledge of organization and savvy to influence inter departmentally

Effective leadership and management skills: An effective people management skills and the ability to work as a team.

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    I just saw this post and I am so happy with the information provided. I have really enjoyed reading your blogs for these topics. Any way I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon.

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