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Instagram is Testing New Labels to Feed Posts that are Reshared to Stories

More than 300 million users now use Instagram stories daily and posting your feed content to stories may be a good way to spice up reach and engagement. One among The explanations, we love stories such a lot is that they are often used as cross-promote content and now users are going to be ready to go from stories on to your feed. 


Instagram is experimenting with a replacement  feature that may cause discouragement to people from sharing posts to Stories. Instagram has started testing this feature and it’s now adding labels to posts that the users are resharing from the feed. For posts that are shared from the feed, Instagram is adding a “ Reshared post” label, and also this applies to photos, videos, and even reels.



Instagram is already having an option for users to share Reels as Stories or to their feed. Those that share Reels as Stories have the label “Created with Reels.” With the newest experiment, it’s like Instagram wants to further discourage users from sharing feed posts to Stories. Instagram says this test is predicated on user feedback on not eager to see feed posts on Stories. But this might negatively impact some users especially creators and businesses eager to grow their presence on the app. it’s going to also affect users eager to support other businesses or accounts by sharing their posts to stories. These updates now available on Android and can be coming to iOS within the coming days.

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