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In search of rare pearls from the Oysters of Red Hat….Mr. Ali Nadheer returned delightfully

Mr. Ali Abdul Jabbar Nadheer from the Kingdom of Bahraina – a beautiful island country in the western part of Persian gulf, was with us at the ipsr international centre enjoying the diamond bootcamp hospitality and training in RH 124 in the recently launched RHEL 7 platform. A wonderful young man calm and amicable has a keen vigor to master technology. Mr. Ali, who holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, now works with a leading bank in Bahrain, as a Systems Operator.

In a rare outreach from the vibrant Linux classes to the nostalgic moment of Bahrain. Mr. Ali shared about the serine beauty of Bahrain and about the excitements of Bird watching, scuba diving, horse riding which was so popular to the tourist worldwide. He also shared that his visit of India is as adventurous as pearl diving, and here at ipsr international centre to collect the rare pearls from oysters of Red Hat Certifications.
When Mr. Ali Nadheer was asked to share his experience in India and at IPSR he replied that “A great experience and a positive one..!!!Wonderful learning and hands on experience….Mr. Sanju was an excellent and very informative instructor….No complaints at all…..Before the training at ipsr, I was challenged, but after the training I see a confident me in the Linux World..!!!”
Team IPSR proudly acknowledge his words and wish him good luck in his career and all his ventures and hopefully wish Mr. Ali could scale the chieftain certification of RedHat Linux (RHCA).

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