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IT – Emerging fields and Opportunities

We live in a world where technology is inevitable and the growth technology has gone up tremendously over these past few years. Be it science, engineering, business or research, technology play a valuable role. But it’s a known fact that the IT industry had the most impact on the growth of technology and continues to make an effective impression.

According to the US research firm Gartner, the spending in IT in India is supposed to hit $89.2 billion in 2019, a 6.7% increase from the estimated spending of $83.6 billion in 2018. Gartner also mentioned in the forecast that Enterprise software spending is projected to see a 12.9%  growth in 2019, an amount of $6.9 billion. Because of the transformations that have been happening, both private and public sectors are taking a more adaptable approach towards the emerging technologies, developing new practices and process to succeed and stay relevant in this digital era.
Since the advancement of machines and technologies are unavoidable, closing the gap between technological development and organization growth is important. This can be done through training/certifications, education, mergers, upskilling, etc.. A recent report from Infosys said, over half of the senior IT companies they surveyed had already invested in deep-learning and artificial intelligence algorithms. Regardless of the automation in jobs and IT sector, demand for skilled professionals in emerging technologies are rising. Let us look into some technologies that will take the spotlight in the coming year.

The impact of technologies on various IT departments caused an increase in the requirement of skilled individuals
Cloud Computing
Cloud computing has made some astounding impacts in the business and developing side of the IT industry. Some major cloud service providers are Amazon Web Services(AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Adobe. The recent IBM-Red Hat acquisition will be a game changer for the cloud industry. Cloud training and certifications are your leverage in the current rising cloud job scenario.  A thorough grasp in AWS, OpenStack or Azure can help you in landing your dream cloud job. An AWS certification is a smart move since AWS is one of the big players in the cloud. Cloud is not wholly ruled by private tech giants, accomplishments of the open source company Red Hat is an assurance for that. Built on Linux, the Red Hat OpenStack Platform helps users to explore the potential of open source cloud infrastructure. Since about 85% of cloud servers run on Linux, a 75% of which are in Red Hat, gaining a Red Hat Cloud Certification will give you a major advantage over others.

Cloud Computing is one of the top high-tech trends of 2018


Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
One of the popular IT trends of all time, AI has not only made innovative growth in the technical field but has helped many business organizations in achieving more investments and growth. According to the US research firm, Gartner 59% of organizations are constantly collecting data required for developing AI-strategies and will generate about 2.3 million opportunities by 2020. For someone who is well familiar with AI & Machine learning, career options include data scientist, business intelligence developer, Full stack developer, software architect, data analyst.

Known for its popularity, this object-oriented programming language, is considered as a prominent player among programming languages. It is simple to learn, efficient and has different libraries for many purposes. From web development to powering Instagram, Python is working its magic in most of the mainstream fields, offering a bigger number of job opportunities alongside. For experienced Python programmers salaries can go up to 10 lakhs per annum. Python certifications are always an advantage for those who are interested in either AI, ML or Networking and many companies are always eager to snatch certified Python programmers.

Open Source
The open source nature of a technology can help in digging out its unending potentials in many ways. Several open source technologies and software are available among which Mozilla’s Firefox, OpenStack,  PHP, Python, Apache HTTP web server are more popular. Linux, a leading open source OS has made drastic changes in the open source community. The Red Hat Enterprise Linux is a Linux distribution developed by Red Hat, an American company known for its open source products and services. The Red Hat OpenStack is an open source cloud computing platform offers better control over the cloud domain. OpenStack cloud engineers are offered a higher pay compared to ordinary cloud engineers. The recent IBM-Red Hat acquisition is proof of the significance of open source technologies in the current society. The 2018 Open Source Jobs Report showed an 80% recruitment in Linux only. Since a majority of the open source community and other companies now lean on Linux and Red Hat, qualified and skilled professionals are needed by many organizations. This means an individual with a Red Hat Linux Certification will have upper-hand in open source job vacancies.
Internet of Things (IoT)
Internet of Things (IoT) is a powerful technology today where connectivity is inevitable. IoT lies in the core of many emerging technologies including AI, ML, and robotics. Demand for IoT talent has gone up since 2014 according to Talent Supply Index. IoT usage and deployment has increased among top organizations. Many companies have already embraced the IoT platform and continuing deployment will require skilled techies and will value the experience if you are proficient in it.

The job postings in IoT have increased since 2013

Other popular trends in technology include Blockchain, Networking, Digital twin, Big data, Virtual reality and so on. These trends are causing shifts in marketing as well as developing spectrum. In today’s economy knowledge alone will not help in sustaining a career, we also need to be aware of new technology trends. Even though there is a huge demand for skilled employees, the market seems to concentrate more on the service sector than innovative growth. With the rise in new technologies, it is high time to improve and build better education, training programs, skilled individuals and talent pool so that our whole country can move higher.

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