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DO447 Advanced Automation: Ansible Best Practices

Course Version : DO447-RHAE2.8-en-1-20190626

Linux Automation track, “Advanced Automation: Ansible Best Practices” (DO447) has been released because increasing numbers of customers understand the basics of how to use Red Hat Ansible Automation, but want more skill in following best practices and leveraging the advanced features of Ansible. The number one customer request in the most recent survey was for a follow-up course to “Automation with Ansible” (DO407) or its replacement, “Red Hat System Administration III: Linux Automation” (RH294), on advanced Ansible topics and best practices. This course expands on knowledge of best practices using Ansible skills that students learned in the introductory course. It also adds a number of techniques with broad application including:

  • Using Ansible to interact with APIs to collect information and control services
  • Writing playbooks that can be run in parts for testing purposes
  • Reformatting and using data read from external sources and files in Ansible Playbooks
  • Implementing playbooks which perform rolling service updates to avoid outages

A key best practice with Ansible is to enable effective management of changes to and execution of playbooks. Two days of in-depth content on building a workflow to centrally manage automation with Red Hat Ansible Tower is included in this course, which integrates version control of automation content in a modern Git repository with Red Hat Ansible Tower (treating infrastructure as code), culminating in the construction of a simple continuous deployment pipeline for Ansible automation.

This course is the latest in Red Hat’s project to build out the Ansible curriculum, which will continue with work to develop a Red Hat Ansible Automation for Microsoft Windows course that will be expected to be released shortly.   


The prerequisite of this course is RHCE 8 (clear EX294) or be a Red Hat Certified Specialist in Ansible Automation (clear EX407).

Learning Path

This course is available in Instructor Led Training, Virtual Training, Online Learning modes and also with Red Hat Learning Subscription (RHLS).

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