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DevOps – the road that drives innovations and career opportunities

There is perhaps no better strategic change in IT than DevOps which has happened in the last few years. It is a fact that none could insulate an enterprise or technology from change, It always happen but the pace of change becomes huge and magnanimous when more people collaborate. The remark of Stephen Mayner, Senior Program Consultant, SAF “I have found that biggest changes happen when you can bring people together and let them actually build relationships.”  becomes more significant when read in the lines of DevOps.

In fact, DevOps is not a term to describe what we need to accomplish but rather it is a means of accomplishment, when a jolt of the innovative spirit of the development world with the get-it-done-and-out efficiency of the operations world collaborate… Perhaps it may sound too techy, or too mainstream kind of factor but it is more a paradigm shift in the workspace culture of the IT industry. “DevOps is a change in the way we do stuff, it’s a mind shift and indeed a cultural shift.”

However, everywhere in a software industry we can find a software developer, and now DevOps has unlocked the professional platform and made him a part of an operations team as well as business analysts.

A Term which suits well here would be rather DevOps – “a road to drive innovations”

Surveying on the prospects and opportunities in IT with focus on DevOps from over 1,850 plus IT executives and entrepreneurs by expert market analyst reveals that DevOps is expanding very well beyond the bounds of IT. It is also evident from recent survey from Incapsula and DevOps.com that salary structure of DevOps professional is touching 6 figure level with a minimal concern on job security. This revolutionary development without doubt will rule the road of innovation and opportunity in IT.

The response of few professionals and career experts on DevOps is revealed below

“The number one [pattern], I’d say, is collaboration, increasing collaboration…one [type] is forced collaboration, which means break down the walls, let people join hand-in-hand doing the same thing…get the OPs people actually working with the DEVelopers under the same team.” – Topo Pal, Director and Platform Engineering Fellow, Capital One

“Devops is a rapidly growing career field, which provides strong job security, highly competitive compensation and opportunities for growth, but there is a lack of experience and talent in the market that need to be remedied,” – Jim Zemlin

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