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jQuery is a JavaScript library and AngularJS is a JavaScript framework. Technically comparing the JavaScript library with a JavaScript framework isn’t appropriate at all. We will be mistaken a library as extensive and powerful as jQuery as a framework. After all, jQuery has been helping developers manipulate the DOM (document object model) with JavaScript since 2006.

It wasn’t until 2009 that the AngularJS framework arrived on the scene, giving the developers a Powerful methodology for building a dynamic single  page application(SPA). Nowadays, JQuery and AngularJS plays a prominent role in the world of modern front-end web development. Now we can learn about the difference between the jQuery and Angular js, and when we should use JQuery and Angular JS


jQuery is a DOM manipulation library that makes it easier to use JavaScript on your website. It is the language of choice for making webpages dynamic and interactive. jQuery takes the complex code that would be required to make AJAX calls or manipulate the DOM and wraps them into simple methods you can call with a single line of JavaScript.

Key feature included in jQuery

HTML/DOM manipulation
CSS manipulation
Event handling
Effects and animations
Cross-browser compatibility
Lightweight (minified and gzipped)

JQuery can be used in conjunction with other frameworks. It makes no assumption about our web technology stack. Angular JS is built off of an implementation of JQuery called jqlite.

Since jQuery has no real structure, the developer has full freedom to build projects as they see fit. However, the lack of structure also means it’s easier to fall into the trap of “spaghetti code,” which can lead to confusion on larger projects with no clear design direction or code maintainability. For these situations, a framework like AngularJS can be a big help.

Angular JS

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework that was specifically designed to help developers build SPAs in accordance with best practices for web development. By providing a structured environment for building SPAs, the risk of producing “spaghetti code” is greatly reduced. AngularJS also provides a suite of features that help the developer do more with less code than would be required with “vanilla JavaScript” (developer speak for plain, simple JavaScript without the use of any libraries) and jQuery.

Key feature of Angular

Dependency injection
Two-way data binding
Support for MVC
Restful API
Form validation
Angular directive(extension to HTML)

It goes without saying that AngularJS also abstracts the DOM, has a system for managing event handlers and supports AJAX/JSONP.


You’re seeking a lightweight and powerful tool for DOM manipulation. jQuery is a library of code designed to do one thing—help you manipulate the DOM with JavaScript. Whether that involves building a website from scratch alongside vanilla JavaScript or complementing an existing framework with a jQuery plugin, it all depends on the unique needs of your project. Do note that if you’re going to add functionality to an AngularJS application using a jQuery plugin, you’ll need to follow the appropriate steps to ensure that data binding within the application isn’t broken. Generally, this means integrating it into a custom Angular directive.

Never try to directly call a jQuery plugin from within a controller as you would in a non-Angular app. jQuery shines when you require flexibility or see a particular feature that you wish to include in your app, like a slider. It’s also great for quickly scripting solutions that work to test an idea.


For developing the web application from scratch. Angular JS gives everything that we need to build the client side of an application. We can even use the MVC for that purpose, avoid repeating which makes the projects easier to be organised. avoid repeating code. Advanced features like two-way data binding and dependency injection allow you to quickly create visually stunning and engaging applications that would otherwise take months of development time if you used Vanilla JavaScript and jQuery.


  jQuery Angular JS
Abstract the DOM Yes Yes
Unit Test Runner Yes Yes
Deferred Promises Yes Yes
Crossed – Module Communication Yes Yes
Animation Support Yes Yes
Integration Test Runner No Yes
MVC Pattern Support No Yes
Templating No Yes
Two-way Data Binding No Yes
Dependency Management No Yes
Deep-link Routing No Yes
Form validation No Yes
Localization No Yes
File size 32KB 38KB


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