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50th RHCA of IPSR: the architect of RHCA is on the go

Mr. Shabeer U. of ipsr soutions actualizes his dream run by stepping into the glory of capstone certification RHCA and ipsr registering the world record of 50th RHCA. With the glittering achievement of 50 RHCA, IPSR international centre is on the go with new RHCA schedules. This new milestone evoke global appreciation as the global count of RHCA is just 100+, so it goes without doubt that you can locate an ipsrIAN in every 2 RHCA’s around you.

Red Hat Certified Architect (RHCA) is the master level certification program with in-depth, hands-on training for Senior Linux System Administrators enabling them to design and deploy large and complex Linux based environments. Since RHCA courses can be pursued on a module basis it provides flexibility for an administrator to attain RHCA in a phased manner. This scheme poses no hectic effort on the part of a system admin to reach a dream destination like RHCA, provided that there is a will to do and the right architect to design the path. So it’s time to flare up your career with right choices.

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