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8 Reasons to Join IPSR

Here are 8 top reasons for you to choose IPSR for your Career Enhancement

  • Industry-oriented  Training led by Corporate Trainers and Skilled Professionals with real time experience
  • Dedicated team for Placements which has guided more than 1 lakh candidates to IT / ITeS jobs
  • Recruitment on all days through 1600+ tie-up companies including MNCs like Amazon, Red Hat, Nissan Digital, TCS, UST Global, Wipro, Tech Mahindra, etc.
  • World’s leading Red Hat Training  and Certification Partner with 37 National & International Awards
  • Chat GPT and AI Integration in all courses
  • Received IT Educational Excellence Award from Ex-Defence Minister of India
  • A Public Limited IT Company led by Academicians and Industry Experts
  • 2 Decades of expertise in Software product development, Training services, Placement services & Digital Marketing services

From Warehouse Supervisor to Digital Marketing Pro: Sharon’s Journey of Transformation

Let’s have a look at the journey of our student, Sharon M J…..

Digital marketing professional from warehouse supervisor. Let’s look into the journey of Sharon.

Sharon, a BBA graduate, was working as a warehouse supervisor at a company in Ernakulam. Due to the heavy workload and unbalanced work life he faced health problems. He was planning to make a change in his career. In the year 2020, due to the pandemic and lockdown Sharon decided to quit his job as a warehouse supervisor. He came back home and decided to take a break.

On a fine day while sitting at home one of Sharon’s calls and told him about the Advanced Digital Marketing course and opportunities it laid ahead. Sharon became interested in learning the Digital Marketing course. After extensive research for top digital marketing teaching institutions Sharon’s friend came up with Ipsr solutions limited. They both decided to learn the course from IPSR.

The Biggest Challenge

Being a Bba graduate, Sharon faced challenges in learning digital marketing due to his non-technical background. The digital marketing course by Ipsr solutions limited provided both theoretical and practical knowledge, catering to beginners and experts alike. Initially, Sharon struggled with the complex terminology and technical terms. However, he was determined to overcome these obstacles and put in extra effort to understand the concepts.

The faculty at Ipsr solutions limited played a crucial role in his learning journey.The instructors patiently clarified his doubts, ensuring he grasped each concept. Additionally, Sharon actively participated, sought feedback, and engaged in practical projects to solidify his understanding.

With their guidance and his perseverance, Sharon developed valuable skills for a successful digital marketing career. IPSR equipped him with industry-recognized certifications, boosting his prospects in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. The course material provided by the institute was presented in a user-friendly manner, consequently making it easy for Sharon to comprehend and apply the knowledge effectively.

The course duration was 6 months and Sharon got placed in 4 months at Orion technologies, Calicut.

Training from Industry Experts to become Digital Marketing Professional

Sharon had a wonderful experience with the digital marketing course at Ipsr solutions limited, where he received training from industry experts.

The faculty members possessed real-world business knowledge and, as a result, provided invaluable guidance throughout the course. With their assistance, Sharon was able to successfully complete the course and gain certifications.

The faculty not only taught the theoretical aspects but also provided practical insights into the industry.They offered feedback on Sharon’s project assignments, thereby enabling him to identify areas for improvement and refine his skills. This feedback loop played a crucial role in his growth and boosted his confidence in applying his knowledge effectively.

Sharon appreciated the helpfulness of the mentors. They not only assigned tasks and evaluated the team’s work but also motivated them to excel. Thanks to their support and guidance, he was able to gain valuable insights into the practical application of digital marketing concepts.

The training from industry experts at Ipsr solutions limited ensured that Sharon developed the necessary skills and problem-solving abilities required in the field of digital marketing. The curriculum provided a solid foundation in digital marketing concepts, making it suitable for both beginners and professionals.

Sharon’s positive experience highlights the importance of learning from knowledgeable and skilled industry experts. Furthermore, the training received from IPSR Solutions Limited empowered him to advance in his career, thereby opening up new opportunities in the dynamic field of digital marketing.

The IPSR IT Finishing School (ITFS) program elevates IT training by giving students the opportunity to participate in live projects and earn an experience certificate. Consequently, the students who complete the program become job-ready candidates who are well-equipped to handle any challenges their prospective employers may throw at them. 

For New Aspirants in the It Industry

To become an IT specialist, aspiring students should take it slow and practice regularly. Merely watching videos won’t suffice; instead, they should participate and gain good practical experience. Attend all the mentoring sessions, and clarify all your doubts with your mentor. Take the biweekly projects seriously because they provide good clarity on the topics and industry projects. 

Let Us Conclude

Are you like Sharon? Are you also looking to get into the IT field? If yes, we would love to help you achieve outcomes like this. Contact us today to find out how we can help you achieve your dream career. We have started a new initiative as a part of our 23rd anniversary called IPSR_Placement_ Care where we are going to help all IT job aspirants upskill with recession proof technologies through IPSR IT Finishing School.