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8 Reasons to Join IPSR

Here are 8 top reasons for you to choose IPSR for your Career Enhancement

  • Industry-oriented  Training led by Corporate Trainers and Skilled Professionals with real time experience
  • Dedicated team for Placements which has guided more than 1 lakh candidates to IT / ITeS jobs
  • Recruitment on all days through 1600+ tie-up companies including MNCs like Amazon, Red Hat, Nissan Digital, TCS, UST Global, Wipro, Tech Mahindra, etc.
  • World’s leading Red Hat Training  and Certification Partner with 37 National & International Awards
  • Chat GPT and AI Integration in all courses
  • Received IT Educational Excellence Award from Ex-Defence Minister of India
  • A Public Limited IT Company led by Academicians and Industry Experts
  • 2 Decades of expertise in Software product development, Training services, Placement services & Digital Marketing services

Stick with the people who pull the magic out of you

Do you know what the most precious thing in the World is?

The answer is simple. It is Friendship and, most importantly, having a good friend. A good friend does not define us, who agrees with you with all of your decisions but helps you find out the best in you by telling you what is right.

Similarly, today we are here with two friends Sreerag and Adarsh. They are neighbors who live in Kannur District, Kerala.

They were good friends from their childhood and helped each other in their studies.

Time passed, and they grew up, and both of them completed their Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering from Canara Engineering College, Mangalore, Karnataka, and passed out in 2017.

They got their jobs. Sreerag started his job as a site engineer in Jharkhand, while Adarsh worked in Rajasthan as a site engineer.

Within one year, Sreerag understood that his job as a site engineer was not all he wanted.

In this era of Information Technology, Sreerag fascinates by seeing the work of Data Analytics, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning. So he decided to join the IT Finishing School.

That Was the Turning Point.

Sreerag was a site engineer, and was not having any experience in IT. His main challenge to enter into the Data Science field was a lack of technical knowledge and insufficient practical skills.

But this does not end here, and there are some other skills that are essential for a person to land an IT Job, such as Good communication skills, interviews, etc.

He found the solution for all these problems at IPSR IT Finishing School

IT Finishing School (ITFS) is a full-fledged industry-oriented training program that clears the gap of a candidate between their academic studies and the IT/ITES industry.

Through ITFS program, they managed to overcome their challenges like Insufficient practical skills, Poor aptitude, Poor communication skills, Interview Failures, etc.

And do you know the best part of IT Finishing School?

As the student does his technology training, the candidate will be working as an intern on live projects, which brings a bright exposure in the student IT career.

Along with these fantastic features of ITFS, all courses at IPSR are following Outcome Based Education in which each part of the training focuses on specific goals, and by the end of their training, each student should have attained a certain set of goals.

Which is a fantastic thing. It helps in learning new things and developing their personality to deal with any challenges.

Best Design of Life

Sreerag had gone to the IPSR official website, where he found the multiple courses and programs and their training. He checked multiple courses where he got multiple testimonials of the students who passed out from IPSR and did great in their lives.

Sreerag told Adarsh about IPSR. Adarsh was excited, and both of them held their hands together and stepped into IPSR for the Data Analytics and Machine learning Course

They joined IPSR during the pandemic situation which put them into trouble to attend the classes, but that was not a problem because they equally enjoyed their classes through Learn-from-home 

IPSR offers to Learn From Home Programs so students can learn from their home itself, where the candidates get trained. They also get the best support from the training experts along with their guidance.

They improved their technical skills in Data Analytics and Machine learning with the following outcomes. After the course, they were able to
  • Explain data, its types, and relevance in data analysis and Machine Learning.
  • Do data analysis and pre-processing using Python packages
  • Do Exploratory and Explanatory data analysis using Python packages.
  • Explain Machine Learning, its types, and the scope of Machine learning
  • Learn different Machine Learning algorithms.
  • Do predictions using actual world data.
  • Explain the concepts of Deep Learning and AI
  • Do prediction using real-world data using Machine Learning
What was the Result?

After completing the courses Sreerag and Adarsh had good communication skills, not only communication skills, they learned how to communicate within such a complex environment, comprehend, write effective reports, design and documentation. They also learned to make an effective presentation and learned how to work on live projects.

IPSR helped both of them in finding the potential hidden inside in both of them.

With the help of  IPSR Placement-services their journey continued to Manappuram Finance where Sreerag was placed as Developer(Tableau) and Adarsh was placed as Data Analyst. Both of them are happy with their career because of the IPSR training programs and support.

Nothing is impossible with the proper guidance from the right people. Though they were from a different career backgrounds their friendship goal helped them to achieve their success through IPSR.

You’ll meet two types of friends in life

  1. Who always tell you you’re right
  2. Who always tell you what is right


Always choose the second one!

Are you Friends like Sreerag and Adarsh?


If so, we would love to help you achieve outcomes like this. Contact us today to find out how we can help. Don’t forget to check out our classmate’s offers especially for friends who would like to join our various available programs.