PFC2401A :Python Programming

Python is a widely used high-level programming language created by Guido van Rossum in 1991. It one of the most expressive languages which has Rapid Application Development features which help developers to work quickly and efficiently. Being a general-purpose high-level language, it is considered a standard among scientific researchers. And it also has a large and comprehensive standard library. There is no wonder Python has been conferred the title 'The Darling of Software Developers'. Big companies using Python include YouTube, Dropbox, Google, NASA and many more.

Mastering Python will be a good option for those who are seeking a career in Industry 4.0 trends like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Data Analysis etc.

With python you can do everything from GUI development, Web application Development,Data Analytics, Visualization, and list goes on.

On Completion of the Python Professional course, the candidates will be able to:

  • Use built-in functions in Python create user defined functions with different argument structures
  • Create classes and apply OOPS features such as inheritance, overloading, overriding etc
  • Apply regular expressions for pattern matching
  • Create GUI based applications using Tkinter and MySql
  • Develop responsive web pages using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery and AJAX
  • Develop websites using Django Framework.

“Python Professional” course is designed for those who want to pursue a career in Python related fields such as Development, Web Development using Django framework, Data Analytics, Machine Learning etc.


“Python Professional” course covers all the topics from core python programming to web development using Django Framework. 

Prerequisites: No prerequisites defined

This python course can be done as two different modules

Module 1: Python for Developers -  50 hrs

Module 2: Python Web Development using Django Framework - 20 hrs

Python Full Stack Web Development (Training & Internship)

This is a  4-6 months python training which makes the candidates industry ready. Candidates gain immense knowledge in Python technology along with hands-on experience in a project guided by industry experts. They get familiarized with the actual development environment using different kinds of project management tools, test tools, Agile Scrum Methodology etc. 

Python Course Outcome

This Python internship will provide an opportunity to work in a busy IT firm aiming to gain a deeper understanding of concepts through hands-on application of the knowledge you learned in the training.

As a Software Development Trainee, you will be responsible to perform the following tasks.

  • Implement the core Python programming features such as use sequences, appropriately, define and use functions.
  • Implementing real-world entities like inheritance,polymorphisms using OOPS Programming paradigm.
  • Create and manage databases using MySql and perform CRUD Operations.
  • Create GUI applications using tkinter.
  • Implement front end Web technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Jquery, ReactJS etc
  • Perform the backend coding with Django Framework and REST API.
No Placement Details Available

Course Features

  • Duration : 70 hrs

  • Training Delivered by industry experts

  • Mode of Training: Instructor-led online training, Classroom training & Corporate training

  • 25+ hands-on exercises, Projects & Hackathons

  • Option for 100% Financial Loan with No cost EMI

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