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RHCE Online Training

Why RHCE – Red Hat Certified Engineer?

  • Hottest Linux Certification of 2018
  • More than 90% of fortune global 500 companies rely on Red Hat
  • Data Analytics and Big Data which have made the highest growth in the industry relies more on Linux specifically Red Hat Linux
  • Red Hat has established dominance in the corporate world because of its stability and performance
  • Validates the skills and knowledge necessary to work as a senior-level Linux system administrator

IPSR understands your need which is why we deliver you the best training with excellent infrastructure. Our industry experienced and certified instructors will share with you their real-world experiences while you learn Online and practice in our Virtual labs. Red Hat Certification is considered as a precise indicator of real-world performance skills and most employers are on the lookout to hire Red Professionals with Python Skills into their organizations.

Python Online Training

Why Python?

Python is used

  • As a ‘Scripting Language
  • To automate specific series of tasks, making it more efficient
  • For Software applications and Shells of Linux operating systems
  • In Scientific and Mathematical Computing
  • Network Security and AI projects

You can now learn Python Online from IPSR within 40 Hours of Training. Having Python knowledge with RHCE Certification will definitely give you an edge over the competition in your career.

RHCE + Python Combined Online Training

The demand for experienced Red Hat professionals with Python expertise has gone up tremendously in recent times and career experts forecast that the trend is likely to continue for a long time. With the emergence of new technologies in Cloud, Storage and Security it has necessitated that the Red Hat professional is equipped with technical skills in Python as well, which IPSR can now provide to you as Online Training.

Training Highlights

  • Red Hat Architect Level Certified and Experienced Professionals as Trainers
  • Live instructor led one to one and one to many training
  • 24 x 7 Slotted Remote access to our Virtual Labs
  • Flexible time schedules
  • Red Hat and Python Training individually available


I would like to express my happiness and thanks to IPSR for giving me a good experience and support. This institute helped me to improve technical skill and communication skill through many tasks. Excellent training and faculty support.

Salini R

Good platform to learn new technologies that motivate the people to work in a smart way. The course provided by IPSR is really effective in improving the technical skills.

Anjali K K

Thanks to IPSR for providing me a wonderful and exciting opportunity to learn Linux. This RHCE training and the support offered by the staffs helped me to get a better job. Thanks to all who motivated and guided me, which has really enhanced my confidence.

Tharun Achu Philip

IPSR provides awesome classes on digital marketing also some technical skills there are experts to teach us and motivate us. IPSR helped to improve confidence in me. Thank you IPSR

Ajmal Shahul
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