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YouTube Launched ‘Shorts Report’ Similar to TikTok for Creators

YouTube Launched an exciting featured thing to promote Key Short Video trends. It is also similar to TikTok. It is a video experience within 60 seconds duration for creators and artists who want to shoot small catchy video clips with their phones. It is a biweekly resource report for the creators or the artists to give more details about their product and its other updates, video inspirations, and some content creation tips also.

These shorts appear in a 60 seconds vertical video format which was introduced last September 2020. It’s very similar to Tiktok. These shorts were displayed in a carousel format on the homepage of YouTube, So the users can tap it through similar to how they would view the Stories in other applications like Facebook and Instagram. This is a new and unproven video format, so that’s why a YouTube creator is worth his time and attention. I can give you the best answer, that is the shorts are counted the same as views for a regular video. It doesn’t get filtered out of the channel’s total view count. I already said that the counting views for Shorts like regular videos are truly beneficial for creators or artists to get accepted into a YouTube Partner Program, which helps them to run Ads and earn a lot of revenue from the videos.

The most important requirement of this shorts is getting accepted into a YouTube Partner Program is achieving about 4,000 valid public watch hours in the last 12 months. Now creating these shorts videos is a way for the creators to reach that threshold. Youtube must offer more incentive for the creators who are already within the Partner Program to invest their time into making Shorts. Presently it’s not even possible to run Ads in shorts, which is likely to deter the people who are accustomed to getting paid for making content. This will be one of the product updates in a future Shorts Report. There was no mention of monetization in the inaugural report, but now we can take a look inside and see what our Youtube is sharing with the creators in the first edition.

The shorts simply support the creative journey. Making of the first video and the inspiration of the next short helps how to use youtube’s creation tools.YouTube outlines a 3-step strategy for producing entertaining Shorts content: In Tools, YouTube teaches creators the way to use the Speed tool: You know, there are 2 billion logged-in users who visit our Youtube each month. The short report is absolutely a significant development. This tool is really good for marketers for marketing their products and services.


Who Are the Target Audiences?


The Youtube target audiences are mainly Creators and Artists. Nowadays all most majority are creators and artists, through this new feature they will get more viewers for their videos and increase subscribers for their channel. The main goal is to earn more in the Youtube partner program, by this, the influencer can create lots of sponsored content for their brands. Youtube is mainly targeting 3 types of audiences, which are Creators/Artists, Viewers/Subscribers, Advertisers/brands.

This feature very much encourages the creators and artists in India to start making Youtube shorts is the fact that their short and vertical videos will be more easily discoverable on the Youtube’s homepage and across all the other parts of the application. Youtube also provides a section on the Youtube homepage for testing the shorts created on the Shorts camera, before uploading. We can use hashtags, titles, and descriptions in this 60 seconds long vertical video. Talking about the Editing section, we can see lots of features like video trimmers, string multiple video clips together, adding music to video clips and speed controls to adjust controls and timers also. These things are very important for making video production for creators.

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