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Twitter offered 30 Seconds for 3$ !!

USA-based big social media platform – Twitter has introduced a new feature for their users. Twitter has introduced changes for their users in the way they message, that means in the tweets, in which they manage 1.3 billion accounts. This was revealed by the CEO of Twitter-Jack Dorsey.

Jack Dorsey strongly believes that the new option ‘undo tweet’ will be more useful for the users. The grammatical mistakes and errors in the tweet can be solved using the new option ‘undo tweet’. The board expects that through this way the user will get more benefit. This Fifteen-Year-old, American company has brought so many changes in their company working conditions and so far implemented those changes. This is a worldwide social media platform and these changes were brought forward by the company for providing a better working experience for their users. The changes and updates undertaken by Twitter have become an inspiration to the whole world. 

This company started its operations from 2006 onwards and within this duration, it has made immense changes. Those changes were made based on changing technologies and trends. Some of the updations made by Twitter based on changing technologies and trends are given under:

1) Verified account (June 2019)

2) Hyperlinked hashtag (July 2009)

3) Twitter lists (October 2009)

4) Retweet button (November 2009)

5) promoted tweets (April 2010)

6) @early bird (July 2010)

7) Official mobile apps (2010)

8) #new Twitter (2011-12)

9) Downloadable archives (December 2012)

10) Vine (January 2013)

11) Twitter # Music (April 2013)

12) Conversation chronology (august 2013)

13) Emergency Alert (September 2013)

14) In-stream mobile media  (October 2013)

15) Blocking policy changes (December 2013)

16) New profile design (April 2014)

17) Mute  button for mobile Apps  (May 2014)

18) Animated Gifts  (June 2014)

According to the new option, within 30 seconds changes can be made to the existing tweet. At that time the tweet will not be publicly visible. After 30 seconds only it will be visible to the public. So within this time the user can edit their mistakes and make changes. There was no facility to edit mistakes in tweets before introducing this new option. There was only the option to delete the tweet. But after introducing this new option ‘undo tweet’ Twitter can solve this issue.

The new option helps to find the best messages and to get error-free message options for Twitter users. These simple mistakes may lead to big problems and invaluable messages. So, by introducing this new option Twitter can correctly solve those problems.  According to the new update, the errors and mistakes while we tweet can be changed. The grammatical mistakes occurring in tweets also can be reduced with the help of the new update. The most useful fact with this new update is that the mistakes can be cleared within 30 seconds while we tweet.

The new ‘undo’ feature of Twitter is available to the paid users of this platform. Twitter has offered 30 seconds for 3$ for their users. This new option was first spotted by Twitter’s developer-Jane Machum Wong. The factors such as technology, inspiration, trends, are all considered by Twitter while implementing changes.

This feature is made available by Twitter for their users in the paid subscription form. If the users enable this option it will be more useful for them. There is a chance for this highly demanded button-undo option to get changed. The reason is that small mistakes in tweets may lead to big problems for the users and there is a possibility of questioning the reputation and personality of the users. So that, there is a chance for this option to be changed as another demanded Twitter product

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