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The next-in-line of placement: Spectacular seventeen from IPSR Thrissur

placeIt’s just another placement drive, recently hosted at IPSR where 17 students of IPSR Thrissur got placed in various high profile IT companies which includes MNCs like Redhat RMESI etc. The smart placement campaign “Aim an MNC” launched by ipsr has rolled out a huge opportunities for the IT aspirant for turning their dream career to reality.

The results of the continuous placement drives have changed the outmoded notion that career gap a big constrain in placement, provided the aspirant is competent in technology. Ms. Lucky RadhaKrishnan, an IT Finishing School (ITFS) student from IPSR Thrissur have done a marvelous job. Despite of her 2 years gap which is sufficient enough to pull her off from a drive, she was successful in getting placed in an MNC.

Ms. Lucky RadhaKrishnan has joined IT Finishing School (ITFS) at IPSR Thrissur and with the help and guidance that she received from ITFS sessions along with her sincere hard work, She could manage herself to get placed at Redhat.!.

IPSR congratulates the spectacular seventeen for their awesome performance in steering their effort to success.

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