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The Most awaited RHLS – Premium has been launched !

As an introductory offer – RHLS is now available for the price of RHLS Standard, also you get additional discount from ipsr solutions ltd

  • 365 Days Access to entire Red Hat Course Portfolio
  • Live, virtual sessions taught by expert instructors
  • Early access to new technology before it is officially released
  • Train at your own pace with 24/7 access to course content
  • Access remote labs from anywhere in the world with 400 Hours Lab time
  • Expert chat: live, online instructor coaching
  • Includes 5 Certification Exams and 2 Retakes
  • E-books available for offline use
  • Expert extras: short videos explaining actual use cases and scenarios
  • Course content delivered in up to 10 languages
Get your RHLS through IPSR with 100% Financial Loan and Zero Interest EMI

  • No properties required for security
  • Additional loan for laptop purchase
  • Free insurance cover in case of Unfortunate Incident to Borrower
  • Free insurance cover in case of Involuntary Job Loss to Borrower
  • Rewards / Cashback for Timely Repayment


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