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The Cloud – Open Challenge – We Invite The BOLD

Ladies and Gentlemen, It is time you sped on the CLOUD track. You are welcome!

ipsr solutions ltd. having been in the training industry for over 15 years now, presents for the first time in her history – an Open Challenge for IT Engineers and Cloud Aspirants. It is interesting, appealing and a must-take.

Get certified in Red Hat OpenStack Administration (CL210) through us, and you win Red Hat Storage Server Administration (RH236) certification free of cost. Apparently, it is certain that you will enjoy a massive savings(33%) on your training costs when compared to attending these trainings independently. What more you will grab is importantly an entry into the CLOUD track and 2 certificates of expertise under the RHCA certification pack.

If you have the passion and courage to win this, take us on. We invite the BOLD out there!

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