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  1. Which Social Media Platforms should I use?

First of all, your business should definitely be on social media regardless of the industry. Even  though the purpose of having a social media presence for each company may differ, As a brand it is a must to know where your target audience is and start from there.

  1. What type of post should I make?

This depends on the product or service provided by the company and also the demographic. Each social media has its own way of reaching different types of audiences. Doing the wrong type of post among the wrong type of audience can have an adverse effect on your marketing.

For example Instagram is a place where you can share a lot of visual posts be it images or short videos. And the majority of the audience in it lean towards it as a form of entertainment. But in the case of LinkedIn, it is positioned as a professional network. And trolls or memes would not give a good impression among the audience in that.

  1. Will it be okay to post similar content on every platform daily?

That would not be advisable. As mentioned earlier, each social media platform has different audiences.

  1. How to get more followers?

We should focus on the difference between quality and quantity in this section. The best way to get more followers in a short span of time is through paid promotions. But the followers made through this method might not be loyal. The aim should be to improve engagement through high quality content delivered to the right people at the right time. Creative and unique contents can find its way to spread among people and go viral.

  1. How to deal with negative comments?

Social Media is considered to be a platform for everyone to freely express their opinions. It is common to see negative comments posted against even the most reputed brands. We could see this as an opportunity to address the concern of those who have put the negative comment and possibly regain their trust.

  1. Should I go for Paid Social Media Advertising?

Paid Promotion has a huge advantage in reaching a large audience in a short span of time. It is best if we did it with posts every now and then to create a major impact. But we should keep in mind that it is not necessary for every single post that we publish. Researches show that around 76% of Business to Consumer respondents relied on paid promotions.

  1. Which are the common mistakes in Social Media Marketing to avoid?

First of all posting from multiple profiles on each platform is a big mistake that budding marketers make. Such spamming might create a short term increase in the number of reach, but it would cause a lot of confusion among the audience and might even increase the rate of unfollow/reports.

Secondly, we should steer clear of inconsistency. We should not start in one platform and move on to the next after abandoning the first one. Quality content posted in frequent intervals will attract more loyal followers and it will create a sense of credibility among the viewers.

Thirdly, beginners should not gamble with huge amounts in paid promotions. Always try to test the waters before going in big.

  1. How to get a job in Social Media Marketing?

It has become a norm for almost all the companies across the globe to have a social media presence. And this has given rise to numerous opportunities in this field. But to be eligible for such a job, it is mandatory to know how to handle the business accounts in several social media platforms. It would be advisable to take up a course to learn it by practise before committing to any organization for their work. 

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