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RH403 (Updated): Red Hat Satellite 6 Administration for Red Hat Satellite 6.6

Course Version : RH403-RHS6.6-en-1-20200107
Uses : Red Hat Satellite 6.6 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.7

Organizations continue to grapple with the increasing growth and complexity of enterprise data centers, while requiring greater configuration consistency, security control and policy compliance. Production environments are now hybrid, with multiple private and public providers. To handle this complexity, Red Hat Satellite Server provides ease of use, fine-grained control, and flexible management techniques to provision and configure Linux hosts and software content, including very large scale enterprises. Red Hat Satellite allows businesses to minimize IT costs while expanding their managed data center reach across multiple platforms and resource providers.

Red Hat announces the latest release of the Red Hat Satellite 6 Administration (RH403) course, updated to Red Hat Satellite 6.6, the latest version of the product. Red Hat Satellite 6.6 updates support for integrating the latest Red Hat products, including RHEL 8, Ansible Engine 2.8 and Red Hat Virtualization 4. Hands-on exercise setup and grading commands have been reengineered for greater use of the Satellite API throughout the course, for greater course stability and consistency.

Students completing this course will develop skills needed to manage host systems and software at scale in enterprise and cloud environments.  Skills include managing software development life cycles to control software versions, provision new systems and applications, and perform configuration management. With this training, enterprise and cloud operators will work more efficiently in Satellite-managed environments, resulting in greater consistency, stability and security at massive scale across public, private and hybrid infrastructures.  Deployment engineers will gain skills in advanced toolset integration for both Ansible and Satellite, and in granular asset tracking and control.

Release Notes

The updated material addresses current IT deployment trends, with content hosts deployed to hybrid platforms and providers. 

Topics have been expanded to include:

  • Verifying a Red Hat Satellite 6.6 installation on a RHEL 7.7 Server
  • Deploying Satellite Sever and Capsule Server on cloud platforms
  • Performing post-installation configuration with Ansible, Puppet and cloud-init
  • Using RHEL system roles with the remote execution functionality
  • Using the enhanced discovery service to stage hosts for later installation
  • Comprehensive use of the Hammer CLI and the Satellite API
  • Managing singing keys and securing software packages and repositories

This course is available in :

  • VT (5 days)
  • ROL, as part of a Red Hat Learning Subscription
  • Remote vILT (4 days)

and is Not available for local ILT delivery.

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