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Red Hat – the world’s largest Open Source IT solutions

  • US Army adopts Red Hat as its install base for meeting highest security requirements and British Army relies on Red Hat for its agility and performance.
  • More than 1.7 million employment spaces in the Red Hat platform.
  • World Leading Stock Exchanges and Banking Sectors adopt Red Hat.
  • International airlines group are committed to Red Hat Virtualization running on 600 physical servers and 7500 virtual machines
  • NASA jet propulsion labs private cloud is powered by Red Hat

As the open source technologies push the boundaries of IT frontiers to a prudential growth. Red Hat’s multi-dimensional ecosystem is triggering to claim the world’s leading provider of open source IT solutions. Red hat through a community-powered approach provides a reliable and high-performance cloud, Storage, Linux, middleware and virtualization.

Red Hat has a history of more than two decades with the open source community. It has been involved with open source since inception. From Linux to Apache in the 1990s to Kubernetes and the cloud, the company is collaborating with many open source communities and trade groups.

Why Red Hat #1?

Positively, it could be said that the days where open source was limited to a handful of developers are no more. Today, the rapid growing digital technology and fast-changing physical world have posted a lot of challenges. Enterprises are in search of infrastructure that provides scalability, freedom, flexibility and speed that helps the business to have rapid growth. Red Hat solutions were found to be easy to integrate with existing ecosystems and third-party solutions which make the organization very efficient.


Red Hat has a higher capability to unlock the potential of solving complex problems across various industries, such as financial services, Military, telcos and government. Moreover, RHEL is known for its Stability, Security, Hardware independence, TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) Freedom. Hence it is true that Red Hat could power solutions not only to meet their current needs but for future business demands.  While, professionals in software, hardware and services stacked on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) is estimated to exceed a big mass of 1.7 million as well.

Hence to trace out the world’s best data centre ready Linux distribution, it goes without doubt that Red Hat with the most reliable technology and with a broad portfolio of trusted solutions is the first choice of the enterprise world.

The success stories of Red Hat around the world are in the bounty. A reflection on a few of the selected Red Hat powered verticals and few related case studies and innovative projects as a testimony of agility, security and reliability are mentioned below.

Defence Sector and Red Hat

Today, the industry is highly concerned with security. The mark of speed, reliability and security is stamped on Red Hat as US army has adopted Red Hat Linux as its install base.  Here Red Hat has proved to configure the system to meet the highest security requirements within the military information system.

British army have deployed Red Hat Ansible tower to speed the change of delivery and also shifted from private cloud environment of Oracle to Red Hat Linux as a step to cut down unplanned downtime and support

Finance Sector and Red Hat

In a global spectrum, a wide range of financial enterprises like banking, insurance, trade market etc relies on Red Hat.  India’s biggest banking sector State Bank of India (SBI) and Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) is powered by Red Hat. Union Bank has improved customer services with private cloud solutions. Bombay Stock Exchange has adopted Red Hat solutions for agility and efficiency.

Major Banking Leaders around the world like AmBank Group, China Merchants Bank, BTPN, Bank BRI, Fukuoka Financial Group, Cathay United Bank, Ally Finance, Emirates NBD etc – have adopted Red Hat’s hybrid cloud architectures for security, agile performance and innovative banking experience. Macquarie a global provider of banking, trading, asset management and financial services have boosted developer productivity by 50%.

Most of the share market around the world like the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), National Stock Exchange of India runs trading platform in Red Hat.

Aviation Sector and Red Hat

Many of the International Airlines Groups have adopted Red Hat as the technology partner to power its hybrid cloud platform. Cathay Pacific Airways adopts hybrid cloud infrastructure, for cost reduction and agile performance

British Airways have adopted Red Hat to power the core operational functions. Later International Airlines groups have committed to open source with Red Hat virtualization running on 600 physical servers and 7500 virtual machines

Lufthansa Technik the world’s largest provider of Airlines maintenance services has created a hybrid cloud platform to optimize airline operations. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has raised the flying experience by moving to the cloud with Red Hat.

Also, it is quite worth to note that Red Hat powers NASA jet propulsion labs private cloud as well.

Telecommunication and Red Hat

There are many driving forces in the open source world. Red Hat has proved to be the most effective innovation across the IT landscape for both telecommunication services and enterprise world. It powers the telecom industry by providing a massively scalable framework of Red Hat OpenStack Platform.

Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) helps the telecommunications to scale beyond proprietary hardware to increase agility and reduce operation cost. This is the key enabler of 5G infrastructures.

Red Hat provides end-to-end automation support to ensure rapid multi-vendor integration, deployment and distributed architecture in a high level of speed and agility.

Health Care companies and Red Hat

Many of the top Healthcare company rely on Red Hat to ensure the security and sensitivity features of data. Red Hat Middleware JBoss simplifies the exchange of critical information through seamless integration and automation. It is also known for cost-effectiveness and any time access to critical data without any leverage or downtime.

100% of the Health care companies, Airlines, Telcos and Commercial Banks in fortune global 500 are powered with Red Hat. Likewise, there are several other projects of big players in various verticals, several other government and community projects who rely on the technology foundation of Red Hat.

Red Hats technological expertise and infrastructure have strengthened the open source community as a whole. 100% community involvement of Red Hat is with Fedora and CentOS. They are also much active in JBoss developer community where numerous application server and middleware projects exist.

A thorough analysis of the possibilities and job opportunities in the global Red Hat platform will be discussed in the next blog.

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