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Red Hat Open Shift Administration (DO 280) progressing at IPSR International Centre

Red Hat Open Shift is a container application development and hosting platform which is emerging as the next big IT movement in the business platform. This technology empowers the development and operation to automate hectic management task such that one could focus on development and writing app to meet business goals.

Red Hat Open Shift Enterprise Administration (DO 280) prepares one to deploy, configure, monitor and maintain Open Shift Enterprise. Red Hat Open batch on Red Hat Open Shift Enterprise Administration (DO 280) lead by Mr. Daleep Bais trainer with Red Hat is held at IPSR International Centre Cochin. Mr. Naveen Kumar Chilka, Mr. Neeraj Nayan, Mr. Ashuthosh S Bakare, Mr. Abraham,   Mr. Anish are the professionals from High profile Global IT companies participating in this Scheduled Batch which spans a duration of 4 working days. This course is intended for system administrators who are implementing their own Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) cloud computing environment using Open Shift Enterprise by Red Hat.

The group is highly enthusiastic with a lot of thought provoking tech queries and maintains a high level of rapport with the DO 280 curriculum. IPSR team wishes each participant a good time and hope that they could take the advantage of the experience to manage the platform in popular DevOps environment.

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