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Red Hat Learning Subscription (RHLS) – FAQs


In today’s IT environment, it is crucial for teams to stay up-to-date with the top skills in the industry, especially as new technologies emerge. As the business needs change, so do the skills of the team — which are vital to being competitive in the marketplace. Red Hat Learning Subscription provides a single training solution to help alleviate the skills gap. This document covers frequently asked questions about Red Hat Learning Subscription.


How do I log in to my Red Hat Learning Subscription? 

Subscribers can log in from anywhere there is an internet connection at red.ht/learning-subscription. At the top of the page, you can select to log in to either your basic, standard, or developer account.

Where are the basic, standard, and developer tier subscriptions available?

The basic tier of Red Hat Learning Subscription is available globally. The standard and developer tiers of Red Hat Learning Subscription might not be available in all locations in Asia. However, because Red Hat Learning Subscription is an online service with online content, customers should verify that their connectivity is sufficient to use the service. You can verify your network connectivity by using our tool at redhat.com/rhtapps/compatibility.

How and when do I get access to my Red Hat Learning Subscription after I purchase it? 

You can access your subscription within one business day of the order being booked. Instructions for accessing the content will be sent after the order is processed in the system.


What is Red Hat Learning Subscription? 

Red Hat Learning Subscription is a continuous learning solution that provides users with one year of access to online training and video classroom modality courses. There are three subscriptions available for purchase that include additional features: standard, basic, and developer. 

What is included in the basic tier subscription?

The basic tier of Red Hat Learning Subscription includes access to the entire Red Hat catalog of online learning content, video classroom courses, and early access content. The subscription also includes up to 400 hours of lab access and email support for both access and content.

What is included in the standard tier subscription? 

The standard tier includes access to the entire Red Hat catalog of online learning content, video classroom courses, early access content, and up to 400 hours of hands-on lab time that is included in the basic tier. In addition to what you get in the basic tier subscription, you get features including certification exams, expert seminars, and learning paths. You get 5 Certification Exams and 2 Retakes with it.

What is included in the developer tier subscription? 

The developer tier includes access to the entire Red Hat catalog of developer content, including online learning developer content, video classroom developer courses, and up to 100 hours of hands-on lab time. In addition, you get up to three certification exam attempts for developer exams.

What are expert seminars? 

Expert seminars are on-demand, high-definition videos offered as part of the standard tier of Red Hat Learning Subscription. These expert seminars are not scheduled and are available on demand at any time within the subscription term. These one- to two-hour videos are presented by industry thought leaders and expert practitioners as conversations about innovative technologies and practices, based on real-world use cases and scenarios. These seminars have a broad appeal to anyone involved with IT.

What is early access content? 

The early access content feature gives subscribers exclusive access to course chapters and lab environments in development before they are released for public purchase. All early access content is available in basic and standard subscriptions for consumption and allows users to give feedback on the material. Once the courses and labs are completed, they will be added to the full catalog in the subscription.

Which courses are available in each subscription tier? 

All current Red Hat online training courses and video classroom courses as well as any new courses that Red Hat Training makes available during the subscription term are included in the basic and standard tiers. This includes all the same content and labs that students access in instructor-led classes. All developer-related courses and labs are available in the developer tier. The developer tier does not include all courses across the entire Red Hat Training portfolio.

Will new training courses or updated versions of existing training courses be available to customers during the term of their subscription? 

Yes. As Red Hat releases new courses (online training or video classroom versions), the content will be made available to Red Hat Learning Subscription customers. In addition, as the content is being developed, chapters will be released within the early access tab in the subscription and then move to the catalog when the course is final.

What level of support will customers have in the basic subscription? 

Customers of the basic tier of Red Hat Learning Subscription will have email support provided through the Red Hat Customer Portal. This support will cover access and connectivity issues, as well as content questions tied to specific course content. There is a service-level agreement (SLA) of one business day on all support tickets. Support is provided in English only.

What level of support will customers have in the standard subscription? 

In addition to receiving the same level of support provided in the basic subscription, standard subscribers may use instructor office hours* to get additional assistance with course content from a subject matter expert. Support is provided in English only. Further definition of the support SLA will be forthcoming. *Note: Instructor office hours may be limited by the schedule and availability of subject matter experts.

What level of support will customers have in the developer subscription? 

Customers of the developer tier of Red Hat Learning Subscription will have email support provided through the Red Hat Customer Portal. This support will cover access and connectivity issues, as well as content questions tied to specific course content. There is a service-level agreement (SLA) of one business day on all support tickets. Support is provided in English only.

Is any course content available offline?

Yes, you can generate a PDF formatted e-book for up to 10 courses (limited to 1 course per day).

How is lab usage calculated? 

Users are limited to 400 hours of lab usage per subscription period for standard and basic subscriptions and 100 hours of lab usage per developer subscription. This limited lab time is consumed when one or more of the lab machines in a lab environment are running. When all machines are stopped, the lab environment is no longer consuming lab time. Lab consumption is measured in hours, rounded up to the nearest whole hour.

What are instructor office hours? Is there a limit? How are they delivered? 

Instructor office hours provide standard subscribers with the ability to have one-on-one time with a certified instructor regarding any topics covered in the course portfolio. There is no limit on the number of office hours that can be requested through the subscription portal. Once a request for instructor office hours is received, the Red Hat team determines the scope of the questions or assistance needed to provide the most appropriate resource and reaches out to the student to schedule one-on-one time. The office hours are then delivered through a video or audio conference interface.

How can course completion certificates be generated from the subscription? 

Once users complete 75% of a course, they are eligible to receive a certificate of completion for that particular course. Within the subscription, a Certificate button will appear to the user. Selecting this button will direct the user to the Red Hat Learning Community (http://learn.redhat.com), where the certificate can be viewed, downloaded, and printed.


How many certification exams are available in the standard subscription? 

Certification exams are not included in the basic tier of Red Hat Learning Subscription. Subscribers of the standard tier can take up to five exams and have two exam retakes during the duration of their subscription.

How many developer exams are available in the developer subscription? 

Developer subscribers get three total exam attempts to pass developer exams. The three attempts include exam attempts and retakes. The full list of exams available to developer subscribers is available in the RHCEMD/RHCJD section on the bottom of the exams tab at https://red.ht/rhca-certification.

How do I take certification exams? 

You will have access to register for your certification exam through the subscription portal. Exams in the United States and Canada may be taken via the Individual Exams option only. In Europe, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa, they may be taken via Classroom or Individual Exams options (when those options are available). Certification exams must be booked and taken within the 12-month subscription period.

Are there any course completion requirements before an exam attempt? 

No, you are not required to complete any amount of any specific courses to be eligible to take a certification exam.

What are the terms of unique exams and unique retakes? 

Certification exams are not included in the basic tier of Red Hat Learning Subscription. Exams are included only in the standard tier and developer tier. A standard subscription provides five first attempts for five different exams and retakes for two of these. For example, you could take the EX200 Red Hat Certified System Administrator exam twice and the EX300 Red Hat Certified Engineer exam twice, and you still would have three first attempts at three different exams left. Let’s say you needed two attempts to pass the EX200 RHCSA ® exam but passed the EX300 RHCE ® exam in one attempt. You would have three first attempts at three different exams left, plus you could retake one of those if needed. Renewing your subscription does not extend your first year’s exams, but instead it gives you a new set of five exams and two retakes.


Which languages are Red Hat Learning Subscription courses offered in? 

All Red Hat Online Learning and video classroom content is available in English. Red Hat’s most popular courses are available in as many as eight languages: International Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Simplified Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. Red Hat cannot guarantee that a class will be published in another language.

What languages are office hours available in? 

Office hours are offered in English only. Office hours are available only with a standard subscription.

Do the courses within the subscriptions have subtitles? 

All video classroom courses have subtitles in English. The Red Hat Online Learning content does not have subtitles, but some of it is available in International Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Simplified Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.


When does a subscription start to count toward days used? 

At purchase time, customers can explicitly choose a date on which to start the subscription (within a 90-day window of purchase). This delayed start is noted in the order itself. If no other date is specified, the date on the order is used as the start date.

When creating my subscription access, what should I avoid when creating my Red Hat Network ID (RHNID) login / Red Hat Username? 

Non-named user accounts are not permitted for subscription use. If you choose to use corporate or company email addresses when setting up your RHNID, make sure that it is your individual email address and not a team or general company email address, like support@company.com. Your RHNID must be associated with an individual’s valid first and last name. Generic first and last names such as “Company Training1” should be avoided. If customers supply non-named user accounts, some features, like e-book generation for courses, will be degraded or disabled.

Can a Red Hat Learning Subscription be shared by multiple users? 

No. A subscription is for one named user. For a user to access Red Hat Learning Subscription content, the subscription will be assigned to that user’s Red Hat Network account only.

Can I reassign my named user license to someone else if an employee leaves the company? 

No, the terms and conditions of Red Hat Learning Subscription are clear that subscriptions are not transferable.

Can a Red Hat Certified Architect (RHCA) purchase Red Hat Learning Subscription at a discount? Are there discounts for other levels of Red Hat Certified Professionals? 

Yes, a 50% discount is offered for current RHCAs. At this time, this discount is exclusive to RHCAs. We do not offer any discounts for other levels of Red Hat Certified Professionals.

Can I get access for more than one year? 

ANSWER: Red Hat Learning Subscription is sold on a 12-month/1-year subscription basis. You have the option to buy consecutive subscriptions or renew your subscription to fulfill multiple-year needs.

When I renew my subscription, does the next year start when the previous year ends? 

By default, subscriptions begin on the date they were ordered or purchased, including renewed subscriptions. However, while ordering a subscription, users can define an explicit start date (within 90 days) on which they would like the subscription or renewal to begin. For customers renewing their subscription prior to their existing subscription expiring, we strongly suggest using this feature during their renewal purchase.

Does course progress get carried through on renewal? 

Yes. The course progress is attached to your login ID, so if you maintain your account and renew your subscription, the progress will carry through to the next year. Any unused resources from a subscription, such as exams, lab hours, and e-book downloads, do not carry over into renewals. Instead, those consumption limits are reset so that customers can use up to the product limit included with their new subscription purchase. Progress cannot be guaranteed to be saved for expired subscriptions.

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