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Python – The top rated programming Language

Developers around the world have a unique opinion about python as world’s favorite coding language. The credit of development of this programming language goes to Guido Van Rossum a well-known Dutch Programmer and mathematician. He initiated it as a “hobby project” to keep himself occupied during a week around Christmas, as his office remained closed. The project was to create an interpreter for a new scripting language. This was named python as Van Roussum had a high appreciation towards a popular television show Monty Pythons Flying Circus featured as one of the most popular shows in Britain. Python is a collective name of the show team.

Evolutionary track of Python

However, the first version of this powerful language is published in 1991 and the version Python 1.0 was released on 1994.On tracing out the development history of python along the time line we have Python 1.5 released on 1997, Python2.0 on 2000, Python 2.5 on 2006, Python 3.0 on 2008 and Python 3.5 on March 2015 and as of now we are with the latest version Python 3.7.4. Today Python has become the most popular coding language along with Java and Java scripts. According to TIOBE index it is said that Python is consistently in the top 10 position of the most popular languages.

What can you do with python?

Python is a high-level, general purpose, object oriented and open source programming language. Globally, most of the developers use python for creating GUI applications, web sites and mobile apps. Python is very successfully used in numerous high-traffic sites like Google, Yahoo Maps, Yahoo groups, Linux weekly news, Shopzilla etc. Likewise, this is considered as the most powerful language compactable for data analytics and machine learning. Developers could easily use several python frame works to ease the efforts for building large scale and complex software applications. Python is very popular in gaming, Scientific, Financial and Educational applications.

What make Python so special?

Obviously, there are many reasons that make python so special. Foremost is that it is easy to learn for it is an expressive and high level programming language which is readable and easy to understand. Python is a cross platform portable language compactable to various operating systems like Windows, Linux, Unix etc. It is an open source programming language which extends freedom to the developers to customise and reuse it. Another significant characteristic of python is that it has a huge collection of standard libraries which could be used in writing codes. In python the memory is cleared and freed automatically hence it is endowed with efficient memory management system. More over the most significant strength of python is that it is a simple, popular and interpreted language

Python Career Opportunities

In the current career scenario, Python is considered as the most sought programming domain that fetch ample career opportunities. One major strength of python in present career space is it’s simple to read syntax and easy compilation feature so that it drastically reduces the development time. Moreover python have diverse libraries that supports data analytics, visualization, data manipulations etc. which make python the first choice in the professional platform. Hence python is well received in diverse domains.

The major job openings in python is happening in the following areas namely 

Python programming /Web development: There are many openings in this domain, especially for freshers as front-end software/ Web developers, python developers or programmers. To be compactable in this domain you have to be familiar with web frameworks like Django and Flask, based on Python. Ability to write server side codes, managing database, backend programming logic etc. are it’s mandatory skill requirements.

Machine Learning with Python: Python have a large number of machine learning Applications. This is a new and potential area in global career market. It is an interdisciplinary application domain of data science. It is widely used in almost all types of industries like health industry, banking and financial sectors, ecommerce, retail business, online marts, research hubs, tourism industry, security sectors etc. A person skilled up in machine learning with python could get placed in any of the domains of his interest and choice.

Data Science with Python: Data Science has turned out to be an essential requirement for almost all types of companies. To make most out of their historical data, companies from all domains, be it Finance, Marketing, Retail, IT or Bank. All are looking for Data Scientists. This has led to a huge demand for Data Scientists all over the globe. IBM is declaring it as trending and lucrative job area of 21st century. This field is such that anyone from any background can start a career as a Data Scientist.

Moreover there are big opportunities in task automation through scripting, game development using python, embedded applications in python and also development of desktop applications. 

Shortage of Python Programmers:  Recently it was reported in ‘Times of India’  about a serious issue that had faced by one of the top software company on account of the dearth of python programmers. The mentioned company had signed a project of $ 200 million (INR 1,200 crores) for development of an app store for a US bank, but there was no sufficient number of programmers who are competent to write code in Python. They have to pay thrice the nominal rate to a group of freelance python programmers to meet the requirement.

Job profiles for Python programmers

The various profiles of lucrative jobs open to python programmers are

Senior Software Engineer, Software Engineer, Python Developer, Research Analyst, Research Associate, Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Software Developer, Machine Learning Engineer. Apart from these profiles there are ample opportunities for Freelance python programmers and Data Analyst. Globally India is viewed as an Ideal location for outsourcing. A huge volume of projects are outsourced to India from various locations of Europe and America. Start-ups are the next highly paid platform in India and ideal start-up with well-set vision and work culture may rise above any other opportunities in the IT domain.  

Statistics on Salary structure

Salary and perks for Python developer and Analyst are quite impressive. A recent survey by Indeed.com reveals that at least 55000 Python Jobs in USA have an exponential figures. An analytics of average salary for python based career in US and India (by Edureka) is detailed in the following graph

Job Profiles IND – Python Career – Edureka

Job Profiles US – Python Career – Edureka

In fact, to be successful in this domain a value added training in python while in academic stream or an internship program in some live project in python will serve as a better prelude to a successful career in python enabled platforms. 

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