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Which Programming Language to Dominate the Programming World?

In search of a programming language that ought to dominate the programming world. Perhaps, an obvious question arises among developers would be– “Which language could be considered as the winner in the programming world in the days to come?”

The trends and survey towards the end of 2k18 and the beginning of 2k19 reveal that only eligible programming language that meets the parameter of popularity and demand are Python and JavaScript. The growth of python is phenomenal in the recent past and if it continues in this pace Python would become the most widely used programming language in the world.

Now, if you are a newbie to python or thinking of learning python, obviously you may fish out information on where exactly you could use Python? This may not be one unique domain where python fit in for they are so many applications for Python. But mostly we may comprehend these applications mainly in 3 domains – Web Development, Data Science and Scripting

Nowadays Python-based Web framework – Django and Flask are becoming very popular for web development. These frameworks create backend server-side codes in Python. These frameworks will make it easier to build common backend logic.

From a Data Science perspective, Python is essential for machine learning, data analysis, and data visualization. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are the hottest technology on demand in the IT world. It focuses on the development of programmes capable of learning for itself from the available data. Machine learning implements appropriate algorithms that automatically detect patterns from given data for future prediction. There are many algorithms in use for machine learning few most popular include Neural networks, Deep learning, Support Vector Machines, Random forest, scikit-learn etc.

Data Analysis and Visualization help to inspect, cleanse, transform and model data so as to enable the user to discover useful information, to arrive at various conclusions and help in effective decision making. Data visualization communicates data or information to the end users by visual form. This forms the basis in any research domain, business, industries, government sectors for planning and decision-making process, military operations, health sectors, and many others. For data science, Python has many powerful libraries like NumPy, Pandas, Matplot, Scipy, scikit-learn etc.

Python is also a powerful language for scripting. It has a relatively simple syntax and easy to write. With python, we could write a small program by which could automate a simple task. Also, Python has a library named PyGame by which we could develop games. Hence python could be an appropriate language for gaming and building hobby projects as well. It is also on its move to become popular in the development of desktop applications.

These facts make it relevant that python is not only a good choice for backend-server side codes but also fits well into frontend applications. Hence, answer to the question posed earlier become obvious that python is the language which is going to rule the programming world in the days to come.


Job Market


Python jobs are increasing day by day due to its many applications. Almost in all the field python programming is useful. The average salary is around $116,000 per year. It will increase in the upcoming years.

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