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Perseverance precedes success…

By and By the dreams come true though things do seem hard.
By and By each crooked path will appear as merely just an aftermath
By and by the success gets dawn when shadows of uncertainty and difficulty parts…..

It is true that success happens whenever there is a perseverance to explore it, when it happen traces of difficulty and uncertainty get reduced to dust. The young kids of ipsr cyber teen were not just kids in there vigor to master technology they are real masters. The vision of Dr. Mendus Jacob, CEO, ipsr solutions that childhood the most vibrant period to know should not be captivated in just games. Give them an opportunity to see the stars they will touch the sky. By and By the dream of ipsr that was hard and almost impossible once has turned out to be a reality.
Master Rajat Jaic Mendus and Master Rohan G. Nair of the ipsr cyber teen got certified as RHCSS at the age of 13 when they are just students of VIII standard. The incredible success by the two kids make it true that by and by any tough and hard subject becomes light and easy if it is done in the right way.
There remark “It was a great experience. All the faculty members helped us and we owe to them for this success” is the real testimony for how Linux made easy at ipsr.

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