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Opportunity deficits in IT narrows and concerns of jobseekers continues to fall

As the IT industry starting to regain its momentum, the career opportunity in this industry is in topline and is eying a double digit percentage hike in the years ahead. The common concerns of a job seeker in IT such as cut off mark, back papers, year gaps has no room in the present industrial scenario when the job aspirants have an adequate prelude to the contemporary technologies and international certification.

The figures from IT finishing school of IPSR (the pioneers of IT finishing schools in Kerala) and placement division of IPSR bear ample testimony to the above fact. The vision of the finishing school is so modulated that it covers up any inadequacies of the job seekers with latest updates in technology, soft skills and live industrial exposure which are among the top listed priorities of the employer. Coherent analysis of the placement data through IPSR placement division has brought out some interesting and aspiring facts, that students with career gaps, back paper, year gaps and successfully updated through finishing school curriculum have proved to be more successful in defining a career in IT than there alternative counterpart.

A critical analysis of the placement data of year 2014 – 15 from IPSR placement division in terms of various parameters of career issues but successful in placement  in IT sector is detailed below

Here students from non IT stream with sufficient training proved to be more successful in placement  than students from IT stream

Here students with less than 60% cutoff marks with sufficient training proved to be more successful in placement  than students with scores above 60%

Here students with back papers but  with sufficient training proved to be more successful in placement  than students without backpaper

This figures show that back paper do not stand as an obstacle in the way of placement in IT

These statistics would be an eye opener to any job seeker who still dwell in the misconception of false notion about career requirement that it is not the challenges or weakness that counts it is how we overcome it and make it an opportunity, is that works out to be successful in our job hunt process.


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