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New ‘Remix’ Option Loading for Reels in Instagram

No surprise that Instagram is attempting to add a remix option into its Reels clone, which it’s currently being tested with some users in the application. 



As you can find in this image, the new ‘Remix this Reel’ option is currently showing up for certain users in their Reels options menu. When chosen, users would then be able to make a reaction clip, with the first video and your new video playing one next to the other. A download option would likewise be available, permitting different users to download videos as a part of their remix creation.As noted, remixes – known as ”Duets’  – have been a key engagement tool on TikTok, enabling users to react to trends, and engage in viral memes. This made Reels a more interactive, engaging tool, acting as a catalyst in user’s creativeness without the need for them to coming up with their own, unique content. Instagram’s been dealing with its remix option since Reels was first launched. 



A few users revealed seeing the option in live testing back in December, yet now, it appears to be that more users are gaining access to the new Remix option in their Reels tools in the application. It’s not at the full roll-out stage at this point, but you may have the option in your version of IG. As noted, it’s an easy, engaging approach to ignite user creativity, which lessens the onus of innovation, however can likewise direct users into making their own trends by interacting with mainstream remixes. All things considered, similar to TikTok, it bodes well to see different platforms attempting to clone the tool and it would appear that we will see significantly more remixes pushing ahead.

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