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Microsoft Loves Linux

It may be a bit paradoxical to both open source and closed source world to here Microsoft love linux. As Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft and his team as much authentic with pictures stated one of the most remarkable statement ever in the IT world that Microsoft Loves Linux.

Microsoft once labeled open source in the most obscure terms exemplifying it with the GNU GPL as a commercial cancer and a dishonor to the competitive corporate economy. In many ways Microsoft rent-seeking business model started fading out in the stare of open source models and the proprietary monopolies no longer frighten anyone.

Nadella told Wired that he’s not interested in fighting old battles — especially, when, like it or not, Linux has become a vital part of today’s business technology. “If you don’t jump on the new,” he said, you don’t survive.”

Nadella has also said, “We live in a mobile-first and cloud-first world.” Both are dominated by open source. Perhaps that “love” is actually “need”? Moreover he admitted that open source operating system is already contributing much to the Microsoft’s bottom line.

Microsoft has also clearly realized that the stride of cloud technology is in the cutting edge and that for Azure the Microsoft cloud platform to stay as a top-tier cloud needs an open platform to meet the challenges of drastic speed of open source development technologies. Hence this love is not a platonic but a need of time. To know more on why of love read


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When such a revelation is open in the IT world, Why not we live in accord with the reality of time and take the advantage of the latest linux advancement?

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