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Machines to Dominate Man by 2025

Artificial Intelligence and Automation are creating a revolution in the industrial and business frontiers of this new age. Machines seem to surpass human in most of the job areas.  According to the reports of (World Economic Forum – WFC) it was studied that global companies are moving towards automation to slash down their full-time workforce. This statement cannot be read without a fear tinged with anxiety brewing in the minds of professionals.

Positively, it cannot be weighed as a loss of opportunity but rather a paradigm shift in the nature of the job. This change will result in budding of a new job and will lead to a net gain in opportunities. One step estimates that 75 million jobs may be displaced but 133 million new roles may emerge. This scenario mandates a radical change in the workforce of India. The report by WFC further projects that about 54% of the employees in India serving various sectors need to be re-skilled by 2022.

In the workspace frontiers between man and machine, there is a variety of cutting-edge technology like cloud, artificial intelligence, robots, high-speed mobile internets, automation etc. that are penetrating into the industrial and service sectors. These innovations are likely to drive the nature of jobs from man to machines (it is anticipated that an average of 71% of the task performed by humans in 2018 is likely to drop to 48% by 2025). To adapt with this scenario there is a need to create equilibrium between man, machine and algorithms, lest it would widen the skill gaps and disrupt the workspace.

Re-skilling and up-skilling of the professionals on the lines of the technological transformation have to be taken up on a war foot basis to meet this challenge. To fish out the best Language that spans across the various changing technology, Python would stand out with strong reasons to become a powerful primary programming language. Python is known for its efficient high-level data structure. It is both object-oriented and imperative programming language which could be used in functional style as well. Python programs could be easily ported to other operating systems like Linux, Mac OSX, and Windows Unix and can be run in Java and .NET virtual machines.

Furthermore, It is easy to embed Python or the Python interpreter into C program. It makes programming in C quite easy. Moreover, Python Standard Library contains quite a large number of useful modules and is a part of standard Python installation.

Python is Simple, Powerful, and a Lot of Fun.

It is the ideal language which finds its application in Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Automation and so on. Mastering Python will be the most simple yet powerful way to withstand the challenges of the shift from Human-Centric job to the ones dominated by Machines. So developers, find a  fun and a productive solution for this by becoming a Python Master.

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