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Machine learning as an application of Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence are words which pop-up frequently nowadays. To be honest, it has long become a part of our everyday lives.

Artificial Intelligence in simple words, is the capability of a machine to imitate intelligent human behaviour. This capability is achieved through what is known as machine learning.

In other words, machine learning is an application of artificial intelligence (AI) that enable systems to automatically learn without being explicitly programmed or human intervention and perform predictable actions.

The process of learning begins with observations of data collected over a period of time and relating to a specific area of application. The Machine is trained to look for patterns in data and make better decisions in the future based on the data that we provide.

Machine learning facilitates the analysis of a humongous quantity of data. Combining machine learning with AI makes it effective in processing large volumes of information for specific anticipated outcomes.


Applications of Machine Learning.

Most of us are using Artificial Intelligence in one way or the other without even realising it! This technology has found many breakthrough applications in everyday life.

In healthcare, AI is now playing a significant role in assisting doctors diagnose patients and conducting research in life saving drugs.

Recent advancements in AI have enormously revolutionised the growth of automotive industry through the evolution of self-driving vehicles. Driverless vehicles are now in use in various parts of the world.

Another industry that has hugely benefited from AI is the Banking and financial sector. It widely uses artificial intelligence systems to organize operations, maintain bookkeeping, invest in stocks and manage properties. It has also wide application in audits, online trading and financial decision making.

In video games, artificial intelligence is routinely used to generate dynamic purposeful behaviour for the Non-playing character.

Another area of extensive use of AI is the Military. Drones capable of autonomous action are widely considered a useful asset.

AI has even found relevance in the creative fields of art, architecture and designs.

AI is fast evolving into a basic functionality platform in many facets of life. In spite of unanswered questions like, are intelligent machines dangerous? and will the so called intelligent machines behave ethically?, Artificial Intelligence is here to stay and that too for a very long time!


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